Friday, November 27, 2009

What do you think?

There are a few things that I've noticed about people who blog that are very interesting. Being a christian and obviously reading other christian's blogs, I've noticed that there are a lot of people in the Far East who enjoy christian music, I've also noticed that far more men consider the bible to be one of their favourite books than expected. Certainly doesn't match up with my experience when talking to other men about GOD.
Girls seem to write about jewelry and clothing, While women write about recepies , knitting, crafts and their children. I'm brand new to blogging and don't have permanent access to the internet but realy take pleasure in reading other blogs and getting input from all over the world.
My blogs tend to revolve around GOD and the farm where I stay, so reading about other people's lives from Finland and Indonesia or from the US and England, in fact from all over the world is realy enlightening and pleasurable. I also have limited access to my photos, which are on my computer at home, so it the photos don't match up with the topic please forgive me.
 I don't think facebook comes close. With bloggers I have noticed that they take their writing a lot more seriously and don't write for friends only but for a much wider readership. Also the language  and diction used by bloggers is much better. How do you see blogging? Please leave a comment I would love your oppinion.

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  1. I realize that I am generalizing in what I've said here but no insult or misrepresentation is intended.