Thursday, November 12, 2009


In thinking about Jesus and his occupation I can understand how other people felt about him at the time as I myself am a carpenter. Everyone is a budding carpenter. Just think about yourself and you will recognize this very same ability in yourself
You too can do carpentry, that is why when you get a quotation for woodwork to be done it is very possible that you will balk at the price.
Everyone knows how to do it but no one wants to or has the time.
This is what was reconized in Jesus and his ministry, everyone knows how to do the will of GOD but no one wants to or has the time.
 So when you are doing the will of GOD and you are shunned because of it, just remember that they too are carpenters and balk at the price.

In the same way we all know how to live our lives, so why take the advice of anyone else, especialy someone who makes us feel incompetant  and shows us our mistakes?
I have found that two leading hands ( profesional carpenters) cannot work together on the same job, they tend to work against each other, they are both trying to do the job and both know what the result must be but they both have their own methods of accomplishing this and have difficulty co-operating untill one relinquishes control and submits to  the other, (hopefully the more competent of the two). then harmony is restored and the work flows more smoothly and generaly with better results.
In like fashion if we relinquish control of our lives and submit to the "leading hand" of Jesus we too can regain our peace and this life will run far more smoothly.
 Think about it, are you a carpenter too proud to ask a proffesional to do the job for you, unwilling to pay the asking price or are you humble enough to submit to the leading of the carpenter who realy knows what he is doing, willing to pay the price in order to get a far more satisfactory end result?


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  3. Nice work you do.....keep it up! E-