Thursday, November 26, 2009

When Job came to Know GOD.

Most people who come to my blog site will notice that there is a lot of biblical reference in my content, the reason for this is that I had a near death experience about 18 months ago and this changed my life. I've been a christian for about 23 years but still only knew about GOD by report untill that night. Now I have come to Know him much more personaly. Before that I was seeking understanding by reading not only the bible but  books like "Supernature" by Lyal Watson or "The Twelfth Planet" or "The Fabric Of Reality" and so on and so on but never came to any solid conclusions.
All the answers I have found have come from the Bible since then and I find myself no longer able to read anything but the Bible. GOD IS REAL AND JESUS IS THE ONLY SAVIOR.
The only way I can put this is to say "when you are far away from a mountain it seems small and insignificant but when you are right up against it it becomes huge and very significant". GOD has drawn me very close and shown me just how insignificant I truly am and how faithful he truly is.
So if you do not believe in GOD please forgive me and understand that I have absolute belief in him and for a very good reason.
Jesus sais "I am the way I am the truth and I am life." The only way to find the Kingdom of GOD is through the truth.
There is still much more I have to say on this subject but I'm sure it will all come out in time.
GOD bless you all.


  1. My friend Geoff, it is 10;54pm, I am up and thought to stop by. I liked this blog. My faith is in my heart, I do not attend religiously to any church. Though I have nothing against that kind of worship. But I believe our faith lies deep in ourselves, right at birth. We do not know this until we come to our enlightenment....the breath of life was bestowed upon us and reason in our minds comes into play. God is everywhere. Nature is part of our faith that God exists. I am glad you write about your life. Keep up the great work. God be with you, my friend. E-

  2. Hello Geoff, do you tell about this near death experience anywhere in your blog?

  3. Elizabeth it is so good to hear from you. I miss your poetry and wish you all the best.
    Joy this is not a subject i really like to talk about. most people shy away from things that are scary. So no I haven't written about it yet.