Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I have come to the realization that over the past number of years I have been praying for GOD to bless others while feeling completely unworthy of having him bless me and therefore not praying for myself. This is not a very good idea. I have missed so many blessings because of this stupid misconception.
Jesus tells us over and over again to ask, but he also sais in Matthew 23v39 "And I tell you, you shall never see me until the time when you say, "Blessings on him who comes in the name of the Lord."'
How often do we miss the Lords answers to our prayers because we don't recognize the fact that others have been sent by him to us?
I would like to say to everyone who has been brought into my life whether good or bad, you were sent by GOD, bless you all, and thank you for everything. GOD loves you all.
Chronicles4v10 "Jabez called upon the GOD of Israel and said, "I pray thee, bless me and grant me wide territories. May thy hand be with me, and do me no harm. I pray thee, and let me be free from pain"; and GOD granted his petition.

I have just found out about someone who is pregnant with twins, both girls, but there is a possibility that one has "Downs syndrome". What a blessing, these are truly GODS children and foster such love in the hearts of their parents. I do not believe in termination of pregnancy and having been a single parent to both my chilbren almost from birth, I do realise that the future may look daunting but it will prove worth it in the end. GOD loves his children and doesn't make mistakes. We all need love, this is GODS way of proving his love for you.
Jesus sais " For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."


  1. Well, it has been awhile now. Did the mother abort one of the twins? Have they both been born? How are they doing?

  2. Hi joy, no she hasn't had her babies yet and is of the same opinion as me with regards to abortion.