Friday, October 30, 2009


Ok. So I've never been out of Africa, so what? My ex-wife is determined to get me to visit her in London with the aim of convincing me to sell everything and move in with her on a permanent basis. Sounds very tempting but when I consider what I'm leaving, it is no longer so appealing.Imagine living on a 1000 hectare nature reserve in one of the most beautiful environments imaginable and then giving it up to stay in an upstairs and downstairs semi in the middle of one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Go figure.
Well I'm going anyway, in December, and according to my friends this is going to be a real eye opener. Of course, I have no doubt that England is really beautiful and has lots of advantages, but when I think about my geese and chickens and all the other life surrounding me at the moment, it does leave me with a feeling that I would rather she came to visit me.

Now if she had been inviting me to visit her in Tahiti in the south Pacific or Bermuda in the Sargosso sea, things would look far more appealing. I like warmth and sunshine, and no the radiator under the window is just not the same. Oh well, London it is, not the sunny Caribbean or the south Pacific. Now please let me assure you that I'm not knocking London, I've never been there so how could I?  But by way of justification let me show you some photos of holidays some of my friends have recently had overseas.

Yolanda's parents holiday in Bermuda was filled with sunshine and blue water that was so clear it was amazing. Definately worth going there on holiday. And the local people show a marked tendency towards friendliness and are very accomodating. This is what I've bee told:  The island is of volcanic rock and very tropical as can be imagined as it lies at 32.18deg north of the equator. On arrival they were welcomed with song and dance at the airport. Tourism is predominantly American. They found that prices were very reasonable but most imported items were expensive. Onions are their main crop so everything has onion in it. There are no snakes or spiders on the islands and animals are not allowed onto the islands so if you intend visiting this amazing place leave your animals at home.
Getting around is by means of scooters which are hired for the day. Roads are very narrow and cars are few and the practice when someone who has been living on the islands (not in an hotel) leaves they pass on their possesions to the next person coming in.

Houses built right over the water in Bermuda. these houses have glass pannels in the floor so you can look staight down into the water below. Absolutely amazing. There is still so much to tell about this holiday destination that I think I will have to write a blog dedicated exclusively to it sometime in the future. As I've already said I've never been there so everything is, of course, second hand but hopefully I will be able to get Yolanda to partner with me in the next blog.

Probably one of the most amazing tropical dive sights I've ever seen. Completely unspoiled.

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  1. So very beautiful....Best Wishes to you my friend!
    May the truth always go with you..I am not religious but I have faith. I hope it works out with your adventures, may it be England or any part of this grand world. Take care, E-