Tuesday, October 27, 2009


One of the things that I've found in life is that the people who seem to hurt you the most are those to whom you have given your heart. Yes, there are people who drive you away and mock you but, generally speaking this type of person doesn't warrant another thought because you can just write them off without all the emotional attachments. Geese mate for life and if the partner dies the one that is left won't take another partner,they just stay celibate. I do understand from a human standpoint. when we lose a partner, either to death or to another it leaves a huge hole in our hearts that cannot be filled by anyone else. And to be quite honest the quest for a loving partner is probably one of the most painful and trying things we ever go through. Fortunately Jesus says " I will never leave you nor forsake you." I personally have, as of yet, not found any love that can come even close to that. The only problem with that is, that I too need human touch and someone to bounce things off, someone to spoil and to look forward to seeing when I get home after a days work. But there is hope. It is written that this life that we experience is only a temporary state and that those who have been judged worthy of a place in the kingdom of GOD do not marry but are like angels. May I too be judged worthy of a place in the kingdom of GOD, and may all those lonely hearts that struggle with this issue too find comfort in the arms of Jesus and be judged worthy of a place in his kingdom. GOD bless you all in the name of Jesus.


  1. You live in a lovely part of the world Geoff although Pretoria is just as pretty. You have some great pics here and I left you some information on my blog which you might fnd useful when doing macro. Anytime you have a question, please ask. I am no expert but will help where I can.

  2. Thank you Geoff, for your kind words - indeed this is the most convenient time possible for handicrafts! Not only because of this cold weather outside which makes knitting so pleasant, but also the Christmas which keeps coming closer and is keeping our minds buzy - thinking of all of those gifts we can now work on, and then give :)

    And yes, I love carpentry.. it´s just that I´m living in a small city-flat, which doesn´t give me much choises to do such things..

    So.. thank you for your visit and kind words - you have very nice blog and very beautiful pictures in there! I wish you a nice, warm and sunny week, and blessings!
    (Matthew 6:26)