Tuesday, October 06, 2009


If we are trying to enjoy life why do we rush to the top of a hill to see what we can see when all the while what is to be seen is already there in front of us on the way up? We miss so much by trying to get ahead. I'm just as prone to this malady as anyone else.
I live on a farm just outside Cape Town that has a hill on the property and often get visitors who want to go to the top to see what the view is like but having lived here for quite some time I tend to take more delight in wandering around with my dogs and my camera. I tend to see more that way and find the strain of trying to get to the top as quickly as possible is removed and even though I may eventually land up at the top (again) I no longer strain. there are so many life forms existing on this farm that are usually overlooked by visitors that I've taken to showing my photos to them in order to get them to appreciate not only the view but also what thrives here.
Of course having a digital camera is a tremendous advantage, so many photos, so little money. I don't know how I ever coped with 35mm film, so few photos, so much money. Here's a great big thanks to the developers of digital cameras. Well done!
There really is no need to rush around trying to get the most out of life while not taking very much notice of what lies directly in front of us, just like my wanderings around the farm and taking the time to see, if we just slow down a little we will realize that before us and around us lies a whole universe of experience that doesn't necessarily cost a fortune. Take the kids on the farm for example; their parents are not exactly rolling in money but they seem to take more pleasure out of life than the kids who live on the golf estate who's parents are rolling in dough. For the farm kids jumping up and down on an old abandoned mattress is cause for hilarity and fun with friends, no place for computer games in isolation like the golf kids who won't even knock on their neighbours door to invite them to come out and play. How about swimming in a mud puddle or playing hopscotch in the dirt or .......
These kids remind me of when I grew up, we seemed to have fun and the order of the day was "Go outside and play." not extra mural activities.
If you find yourself rushing around trying to make money so as to be able to afford your lifestyle remember from whence you come and see just how frantic your quest has become and remember that the kids who have to make do with a lot less are having a better time than your kids despite all your efforts.
Slow down and for Petes sake take your children for a walk. Go have some fun with them and let them get dirty for a change.


  1. I love this post. I absolutely agree. In fact, I think when it cools off this evening we'll take a family bike ride!