Friday, October 09, 2009


Wouldn't life be so much easier if we never had to worry about the changes that are wrought to our environment by circumstances beyond our control? Plenty of fresh air, clean water, wide open spaces and vast natural landscapes where we can get away to whenever we want. However this is not nor ever will be a reality. Change happens, whether we are ready for it or not. Looking around and seeing what is happening to our environment is distressing to say the least. Global warming, ozone depletion, desertification, mass extinctions, ocean level rises and so on and so on. How do we expect our grand children to cope if what we are leaving to our descendants as an inheritance is not how we would like our world to be while we are alive? There is hope however. Lets be quite frank about it, expecting the governments of the world such as the US or Australian or French or Even the South African governments to do anything is a bit stupid. Governments are huge lumbering entities that are not capable of doing anything other than making excuses why they cannot do anything. There are however more citizens in the world than governments and we, unlike the world governments, are not as encumbered and are able to operate far more freely and expeditiously. I as an individual am completely incapable of resolving the carbon emissions of even one coal burning power station or dealing with the nuclear waste of even Koeberg nuclear power station, nor am I able to prevent ships from flushing their tanks off our coast. But I can do something that will definitely have an impact on at least one area of land that would be worth saving. I live on a farm about 20km north of Cape Town (there really is no point in pointing out that this is in South Africa because everyone knows where Cape town is anyway so I won't mention it). The farm is about 1000 hectares in extent and borders an established conservancy the extent of which I'm not sure but it is certainly much bigger than 1000 hectares. Now if I could buy the farm and attach it to the conservation area and turn the farm into a private nature reserve in joint venture with Cape nature conservation it would not only be good for nature conservation but would protect another 1000 hectares from development and destruction. Housing developers have a tendency to bulldoze any and everything in their quest for the ever elusive "enough money" irrespective of what has to suffer as a consequence. The area I'm talking about is home to one of the richest biologically diverse habitats in the world and it would be a disaster to trash it for the sake of a few money hungry gluttons. But all is not lost. This is what I have in mind, let me know what you think: I am establishing a non-profit company. I'm also currently building a website. On this website I intend posting an aerial photo of the farm which will be divided into square meter lots for which I will be seeking sponsorship of R50.00. I will post another Photo of the farm which will be updated daily with details of each sponsored lot giving either the name of the sponsor or their logo and so when zoomed into. There will also be photos and video footage of what is going on. Of course you are probably wondering what I'm going to do with all this money, so let me tell you: I will fence off the farm with a suitable game fence, repair the existing buildings, pave the access road and parking area, install a cable way to the top of the hill. Of course the view from the top of the hill is unequalled as you can see if you go into my other blogs and reintroduction of animals and plants goes without saying. This is a long term project to assure our descendants a future. there is much I can still write but will leave that for future blogs. wish me luck and let me know what you think. thanks.

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