8 June 2021

So, you have to have a cell phone do you? No you don't.

 I have a cell phone, yep I do. so why am I saying you don't need one? Well the truth is you don't. My cell phone I tend to leave at home pretty much always. Why do I need to be able to be contacted at any time? For what. I don't suffer from "fear of missing out" syndrome, (Fomo) in fact I suffer from "Leave me alone syndrome." (Lma) I don't like being tracked by whomever, I don't like being disturbed by spam phone calls while I'm doing something I want to be doing, which happens a lot. If someone wants to let me know something or other they can leave me a message and I can tend to it when I feel like it.

People often ask me, "What if someone wants to get hold of you?" Well they can leave me a message and I will decide whether or not I'm interested and whether or not I need to phone them or whether a reply to the message will suffice. Not having a phone with me isn't going to kill me. In fact the opposite is far more likely to happen. You do know that cell phones are electro-magnetic transmitters and receivers don't you? And electromagnetism causes cancer, so why do I want to carry this harmful device around with me in the first place. How often do you see some other motorist driving along at a snails pace while texting or with the cell phone parked up against their head? How often do you hear of people involved in car accidents because someone was glued to their cell phone?

Your cell phone is a tracking device, it can also listen to everything said within range of the microphone as well as record every image coming through the lens whether the thing is even switched on or not. When you hold that phone to your ear the camera on the other side of the phone is active while you flood your poor little brain with electromagnetic radiation, literally flood. And the most astounding thing is, You don't even know who is listening to your conversation.

You cannot eat your cell phone. Yuk! Can you imagine? If you loose it you are more than likely to go into complete melt down, all your most valued and private documents, contacts, images and so on you store ON YOUR PHONE. How pathetic is that and how easy for someone else to manipulate and blackmail you with it.

One Sunday my sisters and I were walking around in their garden and just talking about various things and plants and so on. My one sister mentioned a plants she had heard about from a movie she had seen, it was called a Dragon Fruit Plant. Within a matter of minutes a message popped up on her phone, "Dragon fruit plants are available from such and such a nursery." We were amazed for about three seconds and then realised someone had been listening to our conversation. Yes, she had her phone with her but she hadn't even tried to Goggle it (spelling intentional.)

So, you have to have a cell phone do you? No you don't.

Blessings from Geoff in Johannesburg South Africa.

You cannot eat money.

 Things you have been told, some of which you've been told your whole life, which are untrue;

You have to have money. False.

You have to have a cell phone. False.

You have to have a television. False.

You have to have a car. False.

And I'm sure there are lots of other things you've been told are essential, too numerous for this Blog post.

All of them are untrue.

I have a whole bag of trashed money, that's all it's worth.
It comes from the South African Mint.


Money is a drug, a psychological drug, but true.

For thousands of years people lived all over the World without money but in today's world, which is falling apart, not having money is viewed as a social enditement. One who doesn't have money seems to be considered useless and worthless. Someone who is not worthy of respect or consideration.

I have three cats, I have had many animals in my life, but these three cats have absolutely no money at all, not even one cent. They are fed every day, they are given water every day, they have a warm home to protect them from the elements and they have air to breathe all day and above all they have the love of someone who will protect them and keep them alive.  All without any money at all. Are they not worthy of consideration? No, of course they are. You will never have enough money, ever. Even the wealthiest person in the world will never have enough, just like a drug addict, they have to have more. You too have to have more no matter how much you deceive yourself of the opposite.

Think about it. That first coin you were given as a young child, which you don't have anymore, was so exciting and when you went with your mommy to the store and paid for a sweet with your own money, think about how your mommy praised you for paying for it with your own money. When Daddy came home you probably rushed to him with your little sweet to show him what you had bought with your own money and how he praised you, you were so proud. You received respect and admiration from your parents, and you wanted that more than anything, all because of money. Getting money became an essential part of being respected.

The other day I was driving down the road and noticed a young man on the side of the road who looked so defeated and despondent, he was obviously wanting to beg from the motorists stopped at the robot waiting for the signals to change. This poor young man had obviously not been helped, and probably didn't even want to be there, but due to family pressure was forced to beg. I called to him and offered him a R5.00 coin, he was so excited to have someone offer him a little money that he nearly got run over rushing to the car window to get it. He was over the moon with gratitude as can be imagined.

I have been thinking about that incident for days now and eventually realised that he must have been sitting there all day, with nothing to eat at all. The R5.00 coin would only buy him a quarter of a loaf of bread at best which he would have to get from the shop a number of Milometers away, but just walking there would cost him energy he didn't have. 

HE NEEDED FOOD NOT MONEY.  A hard boiled egg would have been better for him than any amount of money, well in that moment. The next day he was back but I had nothing to give him, I no longer carry cash and I don't carry food around with me in the car.

His life won't improve and eventually he will steal or rob in order to be able to take some money home with him to  feed this addiction his family has for money, just like a drug addict.

Addiction can lead to terrible consequences, just look at the richest people in the world, total addicts who will do absolutely anything to feed their addiction.

Jesus said "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil." Addicts love their addiction and cannot even imagine what it would be like to ditch it and be free of their need for the particular drug no matter what it is, they are addicted.

From a very early age you have been told over and over again that you need money, this is false. Money itself isn't evil but the misconception you have lived under all your life is the way evil finds it's way into your every thought, how much is it going to cost?

Drug dealers are super wealthy and harsh beyond measure but that is what they are, addicts in their own way but addicted to money and respect from their victims and peers, not a good life.

 I haven't had money for many years now. Don't want it, can't stand it, want nothing to do with it. Money has caused more devastation in this world than any other drug. And the drug dealers in this case are the banks. They are the ones who will kick you out of your home or throw you in the poor house. Not your neighbour, not your friend but the bank. Think about it.

I am addicted to something though, I'm addicted to the word and love of God. I don't run after money but I sure do run after the love of God. His love is more important to me than anything else.

Your wealth will not save you in the day of God's wrath. You can't bribe God, not even worth trying.

I will write about the other lies you have come to be believe as essential in upcoming posts. That is of course if I'm allowed to by the powers that be.

In the meantime I would highly recommend you read your Bible, as if your very life depended on it, which it does. Open your eyes and see, how long have you been working your backside off and how much of that time (which you have been told is money, "time is money." false) has resulted in actual money in your pocket right now? 

Start growing vegetables, you can eat them. But above everything else start believing the Bible is true and give God thanks for what you now know to be true.

The world is falling apart right now and it's time to wake up and accept the truth, All you need is food, water, air, shelter from the elements and the LOVE OF GOD.

Blessings from Geoff in Johannesburg South Africa.

14 May 2021

Jesus has NEVER let me down, not once, ever.

 So here we are on the eve of the new sabbath, and I'm so looking forward to my time with the Lord.

Yesterday was not a peaceful day for me at all. In the morning I was washing the dishes, the window over the sink faces sort of towards the early morning sunrise, when my daughter came to tell me that her husband was going in to have a covid test, he was very sick and even his voice was taking strain, well as can be imagined, I told her I would pray to the Lord God almighty for him and off they went. I went to my spot, which isn't unusual, and talked to the Lord about all that was going on and then asked Him to keep His hand on My daughter's husband and to let him come back with a negative result. 

When I opened my Bible to see what He wanted to say, this is what He gave me to read;

Psalm 41.

Prayer for healing.

1  Happy the man who has a concern for the helpless!

   The Lord will save him in time of trouble.

2  The Lord protects him and gives him life, 

    making him secure in the land;

    the Lord never leaves him to the greed of his enemies.

3  He nurses him on his sickbed; 

    he turns his bed when he is ill. 

4  But I said, 'Lord, be gracious to me;

    heal me, for I have sinned against thee.'

5   'His case is desperate,' my enemies say; 

     'When will he die, and his line become extinct?'

6    All who visit me speak from an empty heart,

     alert to gather bad news;

     then they go out to spread it abroad.

7    All who hate me whisper together about me

     and love to make the worst of everything:

8    ' An evil spell is cast upon him;

      he is laid on his bed, and will rise no more.'

9     Even the friend whom I trusted, who ate at my table,

      exults over my misfortune.

10   Oh Lord, be gracious and restore me,

       that I may pay them out to the full.

11   Then I shall know that though delightest in me

       and that my enemy will not triumph over me.

12    But I am upheld by thee because of my innocence;

        thou keepest me for ever in thy sight.

13     Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel,

         from everlasting to everlasting.

                         Amen, Amen.

The words that touched my heart immediately were of course those in red. Little did I know that right from the beginning of this psalm the words were of importance for this day ahead."Happy the man who has a concern for the helpless!"  

Now in my home the one thing I have always insisted on was that the animals have priority. If we don't have money for food for ourselves, the animal food takes priority, I could explain to my children why we had to go hungry that evening, but I couldn't explain that to the animals, therefore they take priority. My children, who are now adults, still live by that principal, as do I.

Anyway. After reading that particular psalm I was excited to tell my daughter's husband about it when I noticed that my little "Lilly," one of my cats, wasn't around as usual. I called her expecting her to pop out as usual, nothing. I went looking for her in all her usual spots, not there. I called again, still nothing. As can be imagined, the angst started building and the search was on, in earnest but to absolutely no avail. She was nowhere to be found. Angst through the roof.

Now Lilly is a very special cat to me. When I got her she had been abandoned by her mommy, she was very sick but by the time she was handed over to me she had already been to the veterinarian and received medication. She was tiny, only three weeks old and very scared. I took her and put her inside my jacket against my chest, she didn't stay there for long but climbed down the sleeve and there she stayed. Well She bonded with me to such a degree it was heartbreaking, I became her everything. When loud noises happened she would come running to me immediately and get as close as possible, any unusual occurrence would send her rushing to me. Even my family couldn't believe just how attached to me she was. Without me she was helpless.

So when I couldn't find her, every fearful thought entered my head, She was taken by an owl, she was taken by a hawk, our hawks are rather large in Africa and they can take a domestic cat with no sweat, she was lost and couldn't find her way home and so on and so on. I became very despondent. Walked up and down the street calling her, right around the block, no sign of her. 

I prayed to the Lord for her, I reminded Him of his promises and so on and so on, you can imagine. Here was a helpless creature who, without me to protect her, was not in a good place at all. I cried out to the lord asking Him what I had done to bring such horror on this innocent little creature, she had done nothing wrong so it had to be my fault but I couldn't think of anything I had done to bring this about. What had I done to anger the Lord? Was He doing this to humble me? Was there something I had done that wasn't acceptable to Him? I had no idea. Somewhere or other I had read about this being a test or could it be the club of defiance, when had I defied Him? I read my Bible all the time and have no idea where I read that.

Well my daughter and her husband eventually came home and he had had a negative result. I gave him the psalm to read, sort of to encourage him and pass on what the Lord had said and then I told them Lilly was missing. 

No one was expecting that. Out went the phone calls to the SPCA, the veterinarians all around the area where we live, her chip number was given to them, phone numbers were given out and sadness descended on our home, a sadness that isn't easy to negate, no amount of reassurance could take this sadness away. Tears flowed down my cheeks and prayers went up in abundance. I read scripture after scripture looking for reason for this calamity that had descended upon my home. 

I don't know whether or not you read the Bible as much as I do, I read the Bible all the time, I cling to God's word with all my heart and I believe in them with my whole heart but when I'm completely despondent my reading seems to be like just reading words, I don't really take those words into my heart, or spirit, and I miss everything the Lord is trying to say. Stupid, I know. 

Anyway, I kept on reading things like, "Face East," or "Look to the east," but that didn't sink in. All I could think about was "My little baby girl is dead." I was so sad. I called and called but to no avail. The day slowly passed with no sign of Lilly.

By the end of the day I hadn't given up but hope was slowly dissipating and I was sinking into a state of not wanting to carry on living anymore. I had been looking for Lilly since about 9 in the morning and here it was already 10 in the evening. I was sitting at my computer watching some video or other when I felt this push against my chair, I turned around to see who was trying to attract my attention and there was Lilly.

She wouldn't let me get close for a few minutes, she wouldn't even come out from under the chair for quite a while, she was freaked, tail swishing all over the place, ears up and very tense. She seemed to be in good condition, no apparent injuries just freaked. But she had come home and I was so grateful to have her home again. You can imagine how many thoughts had been going through my mind. things like The bird had dropped her and she was injured and couldn't move her legs or her guts were torn open and so on and so on all day. But here she was in perfect uninjured condition. Fear is a nasty thing indeed. Prayers of thanks just came pouring out. 

She had apparently been cornered by the neighbours dogs and had spent the past 17 or 18 hours holed up in their yard. Guess where this neighbour's yard was in relation to my home. Exactly EAST. 

There is a small hole under the wall through which she had gone, presumably to go exploring, and had gone from one yard to the other and there had become cornered.

The Lord knows I'm a man of gentle spirit and He knows I care about the helpless and in His infinite mercy He had kept her safe the whole day. 

This morning, after letting the Lord know how grateful I am for His bringing Lilly home and for keeping His hand on my daughter's husband's health, I opened my Bible to; 

Nehemiah chapter 9 verse 8 

Thou didst find him faithful to thee........

So all my stressing over what I had done to upset Him was for naught.  My daughter's husband, although still feeling a bit weak, is okay and recovering rather nicely. My kitten Lilly is home and the sadness that descended on my home has lifted completely and there is once again joy in my heart.

Thank you my Lord and Master, You have my whole life in the palm of Your hand and for that I am eternally grateful.

In Afrikaans they would say "Moenie stress nie, die Here is in beheer." Or in English "Do not stress, God has control.

Blessings to everyone who reads this post.

From Geoff in South Africa. 


9 May 2021

On keeping the Sabbath.

 I've been following God for years now, about 35 years or so, but have never kept the sabbath, didn't know anything about it. Six weeks ago, for some unknown reason, I decided to start keeping the sabbath. It has been an enlightening experience.

I've known that God instructed the Israelites to keep the Sabbath, but I'm not Jewish and have never been told anything about that command, nothing at all. 

My understanding of God's word isn't like anyone else's. To me the Bible, well most of it, is a spiritual book, it touches my heart not my brain. The churches I used to attend always had sermons focused on the teachings of Paul, you know what I mean, "Turn to Ephesians... or go to Romans or Hebrews or go to the book of Thessalonians and so on and so on, always Paul. 

But I'm not answerable to "THE CHURCH," I'm answerable to God and having read about the sabbath in the scriptures so often I decided to take a day off and focus purely on what God had commanded the Israelites to do, KEEP THE SABBATH DAY HOLY.

This is what happened; 

On that first Friday evening I got home about an hour or so before sunset, the Jewish day begins at sunset and ends again at sunset the following day, I've known this for ages, and so I, having realised that if I'm going to do this I better feed the animals and so on before sunset. I got to it, and by sunset I was ready to switch off my computer and cell phone and keep the sabbath as planned. At sunset I told the Lord that I wanted to spend the next 24 hours alone with Him. Just God the Father, His Son Jesus and me in friendship with the Holy spirit guiding me. 

God, on the seventh day, rested and made the seventh day Holy and instructed the Israelites to do likewise. Their oxen, slaves, slave girls, asses and everyone was to take the day off from their labours and burdens. But this is a book of spirit so burdens in this case includes spiritual loads and that is what I did. What was still to be done, what had happened during the week, what worries and stresses I had and so I laid everything aside and refused to even allow thoughts pertaining to everything else to enter my mind. This was a time to talk to the Lord about all the blessings of my life up to that point and to allow Him to speak to me as He wanted. 

That first evening, I became very tired. I read my Bible as I usually do, spoke to the Lord for a while and then went to bed. I slept like a log.

The following morning, no I did not get up at sunrise, I did not open my laptop, I had already switched my cellphone off and did not switch it on but went out to my spot in the back garden and prayed to the Lord. I did not leave the property, I didn't even open my garage, it was my time with God and His time with me, like a tithe of time dedicated to the Lord in friendly conversation, all day, Just the Lord and me alone together all day. It was great.

We chatted for a while and I went and made myself some breakfast came back outside and chatted until about lunch time and again I went and made myself some lunch, all the while speaking to the Lord and again went outside read my Bible where the Lord opened it for me, discussed what He had revealed to me and chatted some more until just before sunset. 

It was a good day, actually a very good day.

In the book of Thomas, which is a collection of Jesus' sayings not included in the Bible, one of the things He says is "If you don't fast from the world you will not enter the Kingdom of God." And that is what I did the whole day, fasted from the world. 

The following morning, Sunday or the first day of the "world week," in other words, back to the days of stress and tension until Friday evening when the next Sabbath day would begin, I was sitting in my spot again talking to the Lord about the day before and what the Sabbath is all about saying "I don't know what the Sabbath is." and "I'm a bit lost as to why this was such a fantastic day I had had." I sat there wondering about it for a while and then opened my Bible to see what He wanted me to know about it and this is where my Bible opened; 

The title of the passage was  "On keeping the sabbath" Found in the book of Jeremiah chapter 17 from verse 19.

These were the words of the Lord to me: 

Go and stand in the Benjamin Gate, through which the kings of Judah go in and out, and in all the gates of Jerusalem. Say, Hear the words of the Lord, you princes of Judah, all you men of Judah, and all you inhabitants of Jerusalem who come in through these gates. These are the words of the Lord: 

Observe this with care, that you do not carry any load on the sabbath or bring it through the gates of Jerusalem. You shall not bring any load out of your houses or do any work on the sabbath, but you shall keep the sabbath day holy as I commanded your forefathers. Yet they did not pay attention, but obstinately refused to hear or learn their lesson. Now if you will obey me, says the Lord, and refrain from bringing any load through the gates of this city on the sabbath, and keep that day holy by doing no work on it, then kings shall come through the gates of this city, kings who shall sit on David's throne. They shall come riding in chariots or on horseback, escorted by their captains, by the men of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and this city shall be inhabited for ever. People shall come from the cities of Judah, the country round Jerusalem, the land of Benjamin, the Shephelah, the hill country and the Negeb, bringing whole offerings, sacrifices, grain-offerings, and frankincense, bringing also thank-offerings to the house of the Lord. 

But if you don't obey me by keeping the sabbath day holy and by not carrying any load as you come through the gates of Jerusalem on the sabbath, then I will set fire to those gates; it shall consume the palaces of Jerusalem and shall not be put out.

With what is going on in the world at present, which includes my Daughter and her husband moving to the united states of America, me having to move into a house that I'm having to build, having no money with which to do that, rather strange climatic anomalies all over the world, what we are led to believe is a global pandemic and so on and so on, there is much to raise the tension and stress levels but this the Lord has helped me to overcome by leading me to an understanding of what fasting from the world means. The sabbath day is a day of rest in His presence but He doesn't want me to carry all this that is going on into His holy presence, He just wants me to be at peace for one day, the rest of the week I can stress as much as I like but Saturday is a day to let it slide, He will take care of everything in His way and in His time. 

God is very very good to me and has for so many years carried me through all that has been thrown at me by social society. As a Christian you know what I mean. 

It's been six weeks now since I kept the sabbath for the first time, I've kept it every Saturday since and man how I look forward to Friday evening, whew. 

My family have come to know that Saturday is down time for Geoff, no work, no shopping, no contact, just leave him alone, he'll be back on Sunday. 

My recommendation; Take one day a week off to be with God and to take a chill from this world. A sabbath day, because it's Saturday it gives you Sunday to get ahead of everyone else, they're still relaxing on their perceived day off but for me Sunday is a work day but chilled all the same.

I could go on and on and on about this but it's late now on a Sunday evening and it's time for me to give all of those who read this post a break. Enjoy your week and look forward to Friday evening knowing that a day of rest is just around the corner.

Blessings from Geoff in Johannesburg South Africa.

20 April 2021

Love truth and peace.


For these are the words of the Lord of Hosts; Whereas I resolved to ruin you because your ancestors roused me to anger, says the Lord of Hosts, and I did not relent, so in these days I have once more resolved to do good to Jerusalem and the house of Judah; do not be afraid. 

This is what you shall do; speak the truth to each other, administer true and sound justice in the city gate. do not contrive any evil one against another, and do not love perjury, for all this I hate. this is the very word of the Lord.

The word of the Lord came to me; These are the words of the Lord of Hosts; The fasts of the fourth month and of the fifth, the seventh, and the tenth, shall become festivals of joy and gladness for the house of Judah. Love truth and peace.

This is what the Lord gave me to read when I first opened my  Bible this morning. Words of reassurance in uncertain times.

Make of it what you will.

Blessings from Geoff in Johannesburg South Africa.

Zechariah 8, 14 to 19.

18 March 2021

Psalm 22, God's assurance of peace for you today.

 This morning I've been cleaning up my little cottage and, as usual, been talking to the Lord. I'm currently living in what feels like two homes, one where my bed and furniture is and the other where all my tools and things are, it's rather trying.

I've been noticing what has been going on in the world, the big picture from God's perspective, and I'm not happy at all. I've been talking to the Lord about this for quite some time now and have become rather disturbed. 

This morning I was getting ready to go to work on the new cottage and while getting ready I thanked the Lord for His amazing provision and asked Him for peace today. This was His reply;

I rejoiced when they said to me,

"Let us go up to the house of the Lord."

Now we stand within your gates Jerusalem:

Jerusalem that is built to be a city

Where people come together in unity;

to which the tribes resort, the tribes of the 


to give thanks to the Lord himself,

the bounden duty of Israel.

For in her are set the thrones of justice,

the thrones of the house of David.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:

May those who love you prosper;

peace be within your ramparts

and prosperity in your palaces."

For the sake of these my brothers and my friends,

I will say, :Peace be within you."

For the sake of the house of the Lord our 


I will pray for your good.

God is overwhelmingly good to me. He blesses me continually, He stops me from putting my foot in my mouth, well most of the time, He genuinely looks after me. 

I do realise that my situation is different from most people in that I have the solitude and time to spend time with God, not everyone has that and I'm very grateful.

The truly astounding thing to me isn't that God blesses me but that He listens to me and addresses my concerns every time. He talks to me through His word and I have come to know God and to understand Him. I have also come to that point where I would rather be alone at home talking to the Lord than anywhere else. Just Jesus and me, who could ask for anything more.

Jesus has been an amazing friend to me for many years now but when He gives me scriptures like today's, it humbles me.

Bless you my Lord, I love and thank you in all things, Geoff in Johannesburg South Africa.

15 March 2021

The Bible is a parable and has to be read as such.

 Hosea 1 verse 7; 

Then I will love Judah and will save them. I will save them not by bow or sword or weapon of war, by horses or by horsemen, but by the Lord their God.

You probably know that all Jesus' teachings to the crowds were spoken in parables, why is that? 

So, if a parable is a short story to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson, according to Google, then so is the whole old testament and we, as seekers after God, should read those same scriptures as if they are parables for us to interpret.

The scriptures were inspired by the Lord God almighty and written down by His appointed scribes, or so I believe. Jesus' use of parables only illustrates to us, journeying on the Earth thousands of years later, how to read and understand the whole of scripture. He is Holy, (complete), He is the Beginning and the End and therefore He is the one to show us the way, and how He taught should be recognised by our spirits, He is of course Spirit and we have been anointed with the Holy Spirit. Makes sense to me.

So, back to the verse quoted above.

The story of Hosea is quite sad actually, his wife was a bit of a problem, she went a bit sexually nuts for a while, did all sorts of unpleasant things, but was eventually reunited with her husband by the hand of God. 

The world paradigm in which we currently live is almost exactly like the times and behaviour of  the people in the times written about by the Prophet Hosea. 

Hosea 4;

Hear the word of the Lord, O Israel; for the Lord has a charge to bring against the people of the land: 

There is no good faith or mutual trust, no knowledge of God in the land,

oaths are imposed and broken, they kill and rob; there is nothing but adultery and licence, one deed of blood after another.

Therefore the land shall be dried up, and all who live in it shall pine away, and with them the wild beasts and the birds of the air; 

even the fish shall be swept from the sea.

But it is not for any man to bring a charge,

it is not for him to prove a case; 

the quarrel with you, false priest, is mine.

Does this make sense to you? If you go to your Bible and read it like it's a parable or analogy, it's hidden message for us today becomes clear. 

God Himself has a problem with the way so called Christian states have been behaving to date, but it's His problem, not ours. He tells of correcting the problem not by might or violence but by His amazing Spirit. That certainly encourages me a lot. 

So what does that mean as far as I can tell? I do think a global recognition of the sovereignty of The Son of God, Jesus, is about to take place. I think the Lord God almighty is going to change the hearts of people worldwide and they will believe. 

Well I'm very much under the impression  we are in the End Times written about by the prophet Daniel, The prophet Enoch, the times written about by John in the Book of Revelation and so on and so on. 

Jesus is coming back pretty soon and all these disgusting things that are prevalent in the world right now are about to be removed for ever. 

God, when He made Man, He made him simple but man invents endless subtleties of his own.

How sad. 

My sincere advice to everyone; Clean up your act or face the consequences. Despite all the years you've been indoctrinated into believing the Bible is false, wake up and see once and for all, it's true. God has no desire for the death of any sinner, He'd much rather the sinner, whoever that may be, repent and be saved from what has been prophesied as a rather unpleasant eternal future. 

I know that God the father and His word have proven time and time again in my life to be absolutely true. You should read the word of God, it will certainly give you something to think and talk about.

Blessings from Geoff in Johannesburg South Africa.

20 February 2021

Caught off guard?


Wow! Who would have believed one year ago that the world would have changed the way it has? Terrible summer storms, raging fires, blizzards in previously hot states and "Green Power" generation brought to a complete standstill. Politics in complete disarray and the revelation of the Main stream media's deception driving subscribers to more reliable and honest sites. 

This frightening series of events has been world wide. Germany's green energy failed with the first severe storm, China's crops have been wiped out, Australia experienced some of the most devastating wild fires last year. California too.

Politics? Don't worry about it, God is in the process of sorting that out. 

Weather? There are some things I would advise going forward, basically, prepare for the long hall and don't expect help from anyone else, especially not the government under which you are controlled. 

There is an Ice Age coming, it's cyclical and happens every 400 years , the last one being the Maunder minimum in 1600 odd. No matter what the news tells you you need to take note of the world around you, and understanding the implications for you and your survive-ability is critical. You are going to have to stand up for yourself and do something to ensure you have provisions stored. 

Things you will need are; 

Food, starvation is not pleasant and, looking at how the transport industry is taking big hits, going to the shop to buy your food may in due course become unreliable. You will be amazed at how much you eat over a complete year. Dry foods like rice and beans are easy to prepare with but other things like fresh vegetables, not so, canning is a good idea. 

Water, you will need a way to steriliser your drinking water,either by boiling or treating with chemicals, which I personally won't recommend unless absolutely necessary, there are other ways to clean water like carbon filtration and so on. There are lots of internet web sites with water filtration information, choose one and make it happen.

Heat. What has happened in Texas has caught a huge number of people, who never thought this could possibly happen, completely off guard, some have even frozen to death. Having heat is probably the most important aspect for them right now. Don't get caught unprepared. If you have two sticks, you can make fire and warm yourself, you just have to find out how to do that.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMhUFthG4bU   Simple cheap rocket stove, I like the block of wood one.

For those of you who are living on a plot of land, planting a food garden is no longer an option, it's essential. I would recommend cold weather vegetables like cauliflower or spinach or Swiss chard. Go find out how to survive from your own food garden. If all you start with is one little pot on your window sill with a cabbage or onion or some other food plant, it will teach you and help you to get enthusiastic about gardening, it's a start. A word of warning though, you will land up with far more harvest-able food than you could possibly imagine. Finding a way to preserve this supply is of paramount importance. 

Faith, There are some people in the world who do believe in God, who do believe that Jesus is the Savior, they seem to be more at peace than others even though they are having to deal with exactly the same things as everyone else, they have someone to believe in, very important. 

You may not believe in the existence of God nor that Jesus is able to help you, but to be perfectly frank, the same people who have been telling you all these years that God is just a Myth are the same people who are telling so many lies now and have been doing so for your whole life. Who would you rather put your faith in, a bunch of liars who do not have your best interests at heart or the Word of God which  shows you the safest and most reliable way? I've never been let down by the Word of God, never.


To finish off with for this post I would like to let you know that despite everything that is happening right now God is in control, He won't let you down. His word says, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." 

What more could you ask for? More Dollars? You can't eat those, More clothing, no that won't help, maybe a little but not when you are starving, more freedom from oppression? no, not going to happen and so on and so on.

"My people are ruined by lack of knowledge." How sad, don't be one, learn how to be resilient. how to look after yourself and how to prepare for what is coming, and it really is coming like it or not.

Don't be discouraged, don't lose faith.

Blessings from Geoff in Johannesburg South Africa. 


31 January 2021

My best friend has died, very sad but okay all the same.


My friend has died.

On Monday I finally got to check my messages only to find a message from someone I can barely remember, Frankie. "Our dear friend has passed and gone to the Lord."

This dear friend He's talking about is my friend Wynand. I've written about him numerous times in the past, just type Wynand into the blog search bar on this blog and they all come up.

I have absolutely nothing to say about Wynand other than he was one of those Christians who lived by God's word, not because he had to but because he wanted to. He would not allow himself to be distracted from his allegiance to God and to Jesus. If God has rejected this man from joining Him in the Kingdom He owns, then we are all doomed. Wynand was the most faithful follower I've ever met. He was passionately in love with God and Jesus.

He was also the most faithful friend I've ever met too. All that nonsense I went through in Melkbos in those days, he stood by me. When I was broke, as I usually am, He lent me his old car so I could get around. He loved playing board games, even Scrabble in English while being himself Afrikaans. 

I loved that guy, he was my best friend and now he's with Jesus in the Kingdom of God and has all his questions and fears taken care of. Now he knows, I envy him.

Am I sad that he has died, of course I am, but I'm okay with that. I'm sad that we can't discuss the Bible and the Church anymore, Wynand was a "Churchian" and absolutely hated what he was seeing going on in the church. Am I going to miss playing board games with him? of course I am but I've been living in Johannesburg for years now so board games have sort of faded, Not feasible long distance.

The outpouring of emotion from his friends and family is heartwarming. He didn't die from Covid but from acute Pancreatitis. He was recovering from an operation he had to drain a cyst he had on his pancreas but suddenly took a turn in another direction and went directly to God's kingdom instead.

His son Driaan and his wife Mimi were at his bedside when he took his final breath, Driaan was singing Psalm 42 to him at the time; 

As the hind long for the running streams, so do I long for thee, oh God.

When shall I come to God and appear in His presence?

There is a whole lot more to this Psalm but the first two verses reflect perfectly what kind of person Wynand was, very much like King David. 

Well my friend, verse two has been definitively answered and your longing has now been assuaged. 

Wynand's funeral is next Saturday but I'm in Johannesburg, 1600 KM away with no way to get there, very sad. So this Blog post is my way of letting the world know just how much this man meant to me.

Driaan, my heart goes out to you while I write this post with tears flowing down my cheeks, you were seriously blessed to be at your Dad's bedside when he died, He was going home and you were there to wish him farewell, beautifully, I might Add. You gave your Dad the answer to all his longing, you will remember this all the days of your life.

Please be blessed in the name of Jesus.

26 January 2021

Building a new home for Geoff.

Some time ago, probably in about November, My daughter and her husband announced that they would soon be moving and the house was going on the market. They were expecting to be leaving before January, well the best laid plans of man and beast are in God's hands and He decides when and so on, They're still here. Thank you Lord for that.

This delay of their departure has afforded me time to make a plan as to where I'm going to stay once the house is sold. I don't own property, so when things change, I land up moving. I had no idea what was going to happen with me but was absolutely confident the Lord would come up with something unexpected, and He did.

I wasn't stressed about it, not even anxious, just talking to Jesus pretty much the way I always do. 

When I told my sisters about what was happening they decided to offer me an outbuilding that was not being utilised. It would take a lot of work to turn it into a "Move-in able" state, Of course to turn it into a home was another story. 

When you are unattached and have managed to purge belongings over the years you have numerous options available to you, well I do. 

I really was tending toward Cape Town, my son lives there as does my best friend. Then I found out my friend was planning on leaving the country and my son isn't really in Cape Town all that much. This avenue was beginning to look not all that appealing. 

Considering my current financial status, the best option would be to move to somewhere near by. There was a bit of humming and hahing with various options being bandied about by everyone. I sat talking to the Lord, laying out what was going on, you know how you tell the Lord everything all the time when no one else is around. This is the scripture He gave me:

Amos 9 verse 14

I will restore the fortunes of my people Israel; 

They shall rebuild deserted cities and live in them, 

They shall plant vineyards and drink their wine,

make gardens and eat the fruit.

That got me thinking and I realised the outbuildings I had been offered were essentially abandoned, hadn't been occupied for ages. This was the Lord almost saying out loud "This is my plan for taking care of you." 

There is much to be done. Much has already been done with regards to brick work and so on, but what a job. 

We have managed to keep the costs down as far as possible using bits and pieces we've managed to scrounge and utilising things that we've accumulated over the years and now have a permanent home, like the brass shower head I've been lugging around for decades. Or the wine barrel staves I have which will also now be used in the construction of this tiny little home. 42 square meters in total. 

There was no way for anyone to live decently the way the buildings were arranged. There were walls all over the place and no open space just tiny rooms and walls.
We got some contractors who come from Malawi, very accurate, diligent, hard working and completely "Not political." 
These guys have done a fantastic job and haven't cost us a fortune.
We are undertaking this project with almost no money but confident the Lord will help us build a home for Geoff.  
When I got involved I was called one Saturday morning from my sister, "The contractors are here come and handle this." 
Talk about being thrown in the deep end. 
I'm one of those characters who works out what is needed and then gets everything on site before arranging for the contractors to come.
It was a bit confused in the beginning but things are under my control now and going pretty well, still a long way to go though.

We'e replaced the Garage doors with windows, broken down the wall between what was the bathroom and what was the kitchen, Built a sensible bathroom and turned what was the bathroom and kitchen into a bedroom.
Still plastering to be completed but before that can happen, all piping must be installed, which I'm busy with right now.
We have a long way to go but are well on our way.
Thank you Lord for being so faithful.
Never give up on God.
Blessings from Geoff in Johannesburg South Africa.