Monday, November 12, 2018

Words and their impact on others.

Wow! I had no idea the words of someone else were so infuriating and dangerous. The incident in my previous post happened on Saturday and today is Monday. This Morning, while driving to a job I'm attending to, all I could think about was what had been said to me. I was furious and not yet able to let it go. I asked the Lord to help me set it aside and move on and, a couple of hours later, I wasn't thinking about it anymore. Thank you Lord.
Image Source BBC news India.

When I got home I read a BBC News article about social networking in India and how these people had been lynched because of false news being spread, apparently, because of posts on Whatsapp. Not at all nice to read about.

As a writer I'm aware that my words impact others who read them but had no idea that the spoken word would affect me to such a degree.
Please keep in mind that your words speak right into someone else's soul and could cause damage all the days of their lives and could even cost them their lives, in which case you could be considered a murderer by some and if it was because of what you wrote or said the guilt will haunt you for ever.

When I was 14 years old I was told; "You are so ugly no one will ever love you, you are nothing but a Kaffir." Now I realize that not everyone knows what Kaffir means but it is one of the most offensive words you could ever imagine and is now banned in South Africa. It was a word used to suppress and belittle black South Africans during the Apartheid era predominantly by Afrikaans speaking whites but not always Afrikaans nor always white. (Not only black people were insulted in this way but white, coloured and Indians too. In fact anyone who did not fit the accepted mold.)
At the time my parents were on contract in Zambia, a nation with a black president while I was at an all white boys boarding school in Pietermaritzburg in South Africa. 1969 to 1973, the name and treatment continued the whole time I was at that school.
Image Source Clark House Maritzburg College.

Well that outburst, thrown into my face, has had an immense impact on my life and more than 49 years later still haunts me. I've only been married for 6.5 years, the rest of my days were spent alone and unloved. That person who said those destructive words to me I've never forgotten. I even remember in detail the exact place it was said. In detail! So dude, you are still not forgiven and I hope you read this and realize just how much damage you did with those socially acceptable words.
Please be careful of what you say to others and as a writer it is even more important.
Free speech does not imply the speaker, or writer, is free to say what ever they feel like. It could cost someone their life.

Jesus tells us that the most important command is to love the lord your God with all your heart. The second is like it, "Love your neighbor as yourself." So, if you want others to say good things to and about you just remember : What you say to others will come back and be said to you and because you said it first you will have no leg to stand on, you deserve it.
Blessings to all who have been belittled and maltreated in this way, Geoff in South Africa.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fools who belittle believers and birthday parties.

Happy little birthday girl waiting for her friends to arrive.

Good morning world.

Children's birthday party.

I went to a little girl's birthday party yesterday, she had, according to her, been waiting a whole year for this birthday to come around. Children definitely see things from a different perspective than us adults. It was a very successful little party, there weren't all that many children there, about 8 or so, but man did they have a great time. Swimming, dress up and of course lots of sweets, (Candy to you Americans.) There were presents galore and of course Geoff went to a second hand book store and gave her an Enid Blyton famous five novel. This particular book was printed in 1955 and was a hard cover book with the names of previous owners written inside the cover. I added this little girl's name with the date she got it, sort of the history of the book maintained. I thought it was a good idea not to remove the names of previous owners.  There were of course toys and clothing among the gifts she received.

Famous five in disguise.

Stupid know it all adults.

I have a question for you. Why is it that people who have never sought God feel it is their "right" to belittle others who have looked for God and found Him and take subtle digs at them all the time treating them as if they were stupid?
This particular man, who claims to be an aircraft pilot, got on my case yesterday, not for the first time, with comments like, "I thought about you yesterday while listening to someone who was talking about "Flat Earth Theory." As soon as he mentioned "Flat Earth" I cut him short saying "Do not associate me with flat earth theory." He then tried to make light of it but was not yet finished with his "STUPID" digs. Later he was telling everyone about these youngsters he had working for him who were being paid by the government and how he was giving them R300.00 each a week so they could get to work. and then came another dig. "They wend down on their knees and started praying. I told them God is not in the room, I am. you must thank me."
Any way, by the end of the evening I was quite annoyed.
In the book of Isiah, chapter 30 verse 15, God tells Isiah to be confident and still for that is where his strength lies. I took this scripture to  heart and shut up. My opinion of this character, STUPID FOOL.


I will not be going around to this fools home again, enough is enough. When I got home I opened my bible and what do you think is written right there? No ma can enter the Kingdom of God lest he is born again. 
This stupid man who knows nothing has driven me from his company and from now on he can belittle believers in God on his own time amongst his own kind, he isn't my problem. God will take care of him. 
One last thing; If you are right, which I don't agree with, and I am wrong then I have nothing to be afraid of. But if I am right, which he doesn't agree with, and you are wrong then you are in for the hiding of you life.
To those who do believe in God, no matter what religion, may my God bless you for believing in Him, Geoff. 

Monday, November 05, 2018

Relaying parquet flooring, dirty clean up.

My tiny tiny workshop
Today I did some work for a client of mine, someone who I met on line and who also has a love of Melkbosstrand. It wasn't a huge job but "man oh man" it took such a lot of effort.
Basically it involved cleaning up parquet floor blocks, which involves leaving them overnight in the deep freeze to get the bitumen brittle and then hours of chipping it off, washing with mineral turpentine and then cleaning with lacquer thinners.
Hours of cleaning tar from the underside of the blocks and essentially covering everything in my tiny workshop with little chips of bitumen that will quite happily stain everything possible for months to come. Once they were more or less cleaned they were then cut to size to fit a defined area and shape, which as can be expected, adds a little more chaos to the workshop in the form of even more bitumen chips spread far and wide and lots of brain work.
Well after two whole days of this pandemonium I finally got to fit them. I spent the whole day on my knees and, at my age, can cause a certain degree of back pain, I'm 63 for Pete's sake, Back ache is part of the deal.
If on the off chance someone asks you to clean up parquet floor blocks and re-lay them, say NO! it's as simple as that.

This is probably the dirtiest job I've ever done. I've cleaned broken sewer pipes, dug out pit toilets and a number of quite disgusting things in my life but nothing quite as difficult to clean up after as this.
My fingers are black all around the cuticles, my nails are just as black and everything in my workshop now has to be cleaned with mineral turpentine and then lacquer thinners to ensure my forthcoming projects remain clean and workable.
Oh how God laughs at us when we think it's going to be a simple undertaking. I'm always amazed at His sense of humour.
Anyway, today is done and dusted and tomorrow I'll be doing some real carpentry. For the same client I'll be removing a desk-top from used one he bought and replacing it with a new veneer surfaced board which I'll then spray with a heat resistant finish. Looking forward to it dirty nails and all.
Blessings from a rather tired Geoff. May God Himself look down on you with favour this evening and smile. Blessings from Geoff.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

How to write a blog and get lots of page views part 2

You will need to become good with your mouse.

In an attempt to follow what other blog experts have been writing about this subject I opened a Twitter account. It was an absolute mission.
Apparently, as a blogger I need to connect my blog to other social networks, like Twitter, in order to get ahead. I like Blogger, no hassle and very user friendly and of course I like it when you come to visit and leave a comment.
At first they asked for a whole lot of information about me, things like what I'm interested in, who my contacts are and so on, then all of a sudden I received a message that my Twitter account was locked and nothing I could do would sort this out no matter how many times I inserted my telephone number. I tried to close the account. No Chance.
I eventually landed up having to contact their help line and complain about how annoyed I was becoming with this social network. The next day things were sorted out but I'm not sure just how this application is going to help with increasing my blog page views. For now I'm going to hold off before recommending it to you.
Exhibition stand erected over and over again.

One other thing that these experts write about is consistency. Their recommendation is that one should post about 4 posts a week, not too difficult but that does take quite a lot of time.
The thing about these experts is that they are professional bloggers and most of what they write about are businesses. Not something I'm interested in nor anything I know anything about.
A really good blog writing guide I would say is The writers digest. I took quite a lot of very useful tips from their post. I'm now trying to post a minimum of four posts a week, I do have the time so why not.
Something else they mention is long blocks of text and how difficult they are for readers on digital devices. Lots of paragraphs. You may have noticed that in my last two posts.
Add in images wherever possible and, to tell the truth I love adding images to my posts, they just make them so much more interesting and appealing.
London eye from my perspective.

I need to get busy with other things so I'm going to leave it there at this point but do highly recommend you click on the link I've included to Writers Digest. There is so much more there.
Blessings from Geoff in South Africa.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

How to write a blog and get lots of page views. Part 1

All the photographs presented in this post are mine
 and were taken on the farm.

In the beginning.

When I wrote my first blog post, "U" turn, I had absolutely no idea what a blog is nor how to use a computer. That was almost 10 years ago,  May in 2009 to be precise. But like everything, once you start, the chances are, if you persist, you will become quite proficient at writing and blogging and, if like me, you have never even used a computer before, you are in for a treat and will learn a huge amount about using this confusing machine. I did.
The farm with the hill in the background.

To give you some idea how much blogging has changed my ability in this area let me tell you about my first attempt to send an e-mail. 
I was living on a farm just outside Cape Town, on the west coast, Klein Melkbos plaas. Plaas is an Afrikaans word meaning farm. This farm was adjoined to the Blaauwberg conservancy about 35 odd kilometers north of Cape Town and was in serious threat of being overrun or developed. There weren't any animals, just a few geese and some chickens, nor was any actual farming happening.

 I had been wandering about the farm for months with no one to talk to and only my little point and shoot camera to keep me entertained. So after having discovered the amazing abundance and diversity of wild creatures and plants living on the hill and in the bush around the farm, I decided to write an e-mail to the Blaauwberg nature conservation authorities to bring this piece of land to their attention. I composed this amazing document outlining the problem the farm had and included a way for them to get this 1000 hectare piece of land and how to add it to their conservation efforts. Sort of "Crowd Funding". Anyway I was shown how to "Send" and duly sent it off, or so I thought. They never got it.

  That was the first time I had ever tried to send an e-mail, ever. I didn't even know what "cut and paste" meant. Just to give you some idea as why this was the case let me tell you that I am a carpenter and work from drawings and any computer work was handled by others, there is no need for a computer when you are driving in screws or cutting timber on a table saw.
So if you aren't very proficient with a computer, there is hope for you after all.


Anyway, I told my friend Andy about my efforts and the lack of success and he gave me some advice. He said "You should start a blog and connect to "Facebook" Get the word out there. My son set up an e-mail address for me and showed me how to sign up on "Blogger." It was free, which suited me down to the ground and got me connected to the internet which isn't free, you still have to buy data, and things "Snowballed" from there. Today I have written almost 360 blog posts, not all of them have gotten lots of Page Views but, that being said, I have still had almost 170 000 page views. 
I was very nervous in the beginning but am no longer terrified about posting anything on line and my computer skills have improved remarkably.  There are things that I have yet to try, like monetizing my blog but I'm not sure I want to do that just yet.
 I'm writing this post in order to get my blog moving again, it's been stagnant for a while now and things need to change.
In my next post I'll continue in this vein in the hopes of encouraging others to start blogging, it's not easy but well worth the effort.
Blessings to all who read this post from Geoff in South Africa.

Friday, October 26, 2018

The Son Of man, or should I rather say the final results of the age?

Mid-Rand Presbyterian Church
Right in the beginning of the Bible, in Genesis, we are told of the creation of the universe and finally of the creation of Man and God taking a rest on the seventh day. But what if, in this particular instance, Day doesn't mean a literal day as we understand it to mean at the Present time but instead means an age. In other words we are still in the sixth "Age" where the final outcome of the "Age" is yet to come?
Let me explain my thinking.
When you look at your own life and ask yourself what came of your father's bringing forth a son? I'm going to ignore the gender aspect for now simply for simplification purposes, I don't want to be considered a sexist or misogynist. In other words for political correctness. The answer is of course "YOU." All that you are today is a consequence of your upbringing, especially the influence of your father. If your father was very caring and showed his affection openly then chances are you will be very similar in personality to him with a few quirks of your own added. Your children will then pick up your traits and add a few of their own and so on down the ages. There are things your father just would not accept though and as far as your children are concerned, in this age in which we live, these formerly unacceptable things are now acceptable. (Well some of them are) Their children will not even think about those same unacceptable things (The ones your children found acceptable that is.)  You have to admit that the people prior to the "Flood" are nothing like the person you are today, things have changed possibly for the better or maybe not depending on how things have worked out in your life. This new you has been handed from father to son for many generations with the current outcome being what you are right now. Did you know that prior to the Great Flood we were all vegetarians?
Read what God told Noah when he came out of the ark. Genesis 9 verse 1-3. Not everyone knows this.
I'm a carpenter, quite a good one actually, and understand that glue takes time to set and paint doesn't dry immediately. When a while ago I went to a steel merchant and wanted the person who was pulling the steel lengths from the racks to cut them in half for me, this obviously untrained character, then put the pieces of steel into a circular saw and promptly used it as a guillotine with disastrous consequences. The cutting blade didn't fly to pieces but was bent in such a way as to necessitate a complete replacement. If he had cut slowly, the way it is meant to be done giving the saw blade time to do what it was meant to do, this would not have happened. In any manufacturing process things, take time. Funny thing is that today we seem to be under the impression that if we just throw money at out suppliers we can get things quicker, not so. There are only 24 hours in a day and no matter what you do you cannot change that with money no matter how rich you think you are.
Now as far as I can tell, being a human is just a little more complicated than being a length of steel tubing, there is another aspect to being a living creature, which includes you dog who insists on digging up the garden or chewing your shoes to bits, we have a mind of our own and in the case of humans we tend to just do our own thing.
Steel has impurities in it which are removed in the refining and production process, maybe we too need refining in a furnace and all the impurities inherent in our lives from as early as birth need to be cooked out. In the Bible it even speaks about purification in the fires of affliction. But you know what? Iron put into a furnace needs to be in there for some time before the impurities are finally out and the steel is ready for the next process, whatever that may be. Now doesn't it seem feasible to assume that in order to create a "Son of Man" in the likeness of God will take more than just a day? Jesus is the example, or should we think of him as the final prototype/design and this is what God has a mind to duplicate in us in order to have a faultless finished product? No we are not products, we are the children and offspring of God Himself.
But again this will take quite a bit of time. If God gets his way we will all be perfect for His Kingdom at the end of the "Age." We are being changed into the image and likeness of Jesus who was with God from the beginning.
As far as I can tell the "Sixth day" is not complete, just a little more time is required and then God can rest.
"In the beginning, the first thing that God created, after the creation of Heaven and Earth, was light, which He then says is good, and light ruled the age. Next thing He created and called good was "Dry Land" and the dry land ruled
the second age and so on down all the ages until the present age where Man rules even the animals who had been created just a little earlier.
I know that the "Six Days of Creation" has been studied and disputed all throughout the ages and is still being debated to this day. So I do realize that this a controversial topic but that's okay, God doesn't care about our controversies, He knows exactly what is needed and what He is doing.
So if there is anyone out there who isn't afraid of a bit of controversy, please leave a comment and give me some idea of your thoughts.
Blessings from Geoff in South Africa.
Even the trees are watching you.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Proverbs 13:8. Hello America, it's time to stop bragging about your wealth.

Hello America.
I no longer watch the so-called "News" and I must say it has eased the tension I've had in my shoulders for years now. Cool! But there are things I hear about through various means, comments, research and so on. One thing I have been hearing about is this "Caravan" of migrants heading towards the United States' southern border, Thousands of people marching towards what they perceive as a better future. Why would they think this is a better future than the one they already have? Well Americans have, for decades now, been bragging about their unbelievable riches and how fantastic a people they are. But for your own sake keep in mind what Proverbs tells us in chapter 13 verse 8. This is going to cost America big time.
In South Africa we were the "hot shots" on the African continent for about 40 odd years and now look at us, massive unemployment, crumpled economy, massive migrant influx from the rest of Africa and no longer the "hot shots."  Be careful that this doesn't become your fate too.
God is in control of this whole population of the world and if you get too arrogant about what you are then God will sent "Ransom Collectors" your way and there goes all your money.
What does Proverbs 13 verse 8 actually say that should make us sit up and take notice?
Proverbs 13:8 A rich man must buy himself off,
but a poor man is immune from threats. (The New English Bible Oxford University Press 1972)
So Mr President, they are coming and no amount of threats from you or your countrymen will deter them, they are immune to threats, God has made it that way.
This is not me knocking America but what I'm seeing has lead me to this scriptural  tidbit.
Please take care my funny American friends and go with God, He will look after you if you give Him a chance, Geoff.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A funny thing happened on the way to the moon.
Hi. I was doing some pricing today for some work I need to quote on and in the process, while looking into messages I've sent in the past, I came across this video I previously had sent to one of my friends. I must have watched it before sending but today I saw it afresh and because of my rather pathetic memory didn't remember it at all.  Oh how memory loss can be so cruel, most of the time not a problem  but sometimes it can be distressing. I do on occasion revisit my earlier blog posts and must admit that they are really not all that bad, even the comments are very interesting, to say the least.
Anyway back to the reason for this blog post. For a very long time now I've had doubts about the so-called moon landings, there are just so many anomalies that cannot be explained away. In the images of the Lunar lander, supposedly shot on the surface of the moon, why is there absolutely no evidence of a blast crater below the lander, why would Neil Armstrong refuse to talk about this amazing adventure to any broadcaster, was he ashamed? Watching this video has re-confirmed my suspicions, the government of the United States of America has been deceiving the rest of the world on this one.
Was this a public relations exercise perpetrated on the people of America to get their eyes off Vietnam and the atrocities perpetrated on innocent women and children by the U S armed forces? Some time ago I was talking to my nephew about the fake news of the moon landings but nothing I could say was convincing for him, which is fair enough, but I couldn't stop thinking about this conversation for a long time. Sometimes my memory doesn't let me down and others, well what can I say?
The above video may not seem all that interesting to some of you readers but for me, I loved it. Not the bad stuff but the ridiculousness of what we have been led to believe.
Early in life I learned to distrust politicians, I live in South Africa for Pete's sake, and till this date I still don't trust them. Did you know that politicians are the only people who worry about borders, the rest of us don't really care, we've got too many other thing seeking our attention and time.
That's enough for now, Geoff.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

The book of Enoch.

So I have a question. Do you ever find, while looking into some idea or other, find a whole plethora of other related information on the internet about subjects you had no idea about but which are still related in some way or other to what you are researching? That is exactly what happened when I started researching "Enoch." I have heard of Enoch before from the Bible, in the book of Genesis, but had no idea there was in fact a book called "The Book Of Enoch." There are lots and lots of entries on the internet about this book and some of them go to places you would never expect. In the book "From the ashes of angels," if you google the references mentioned, you will land up reading about underground cities so extensive it will amaze you no end, places like Derinkuyu Cappadocia which could accommodate as many as 20 000 people with all their livestock and all their food, Huge.
 Source of image, go check it out.
Unfortunately this image doesn't give this site justice but is a view from above ground, what lies beneath is astounding so check it out, well worth visiting. In the book written by Andrew Collins, "From the ashes of Angels," Mr Collins equates the time when this complex was built with the demise of tremendous growth in Egypt and the exodus of the fallen angels who then went to Cappadocia in modern day Turkey at a time of catastrophic upheavals in the earth. Floods, Earthquakes, hurricanes and so on. About 10 000 BC. Strangely enough in the book of Revelation John gives messages to the seven churches, all situated in modern day Turkey. Also Mr Collins writes about the location of "Eden" and the source of the four rivers mentioned in the book of Genesis, which surround the garden, is in this very same area or Lake Van in Turkey to be more precise. How accurate this is I'm not able to ascertain, you are able to make your own mind up.
Why was the Book of Enoch not included in the Bible? This book was written long before the arrival of the Messiah, well parts of it were. There are those who insist that some of the parts of this Book were written some time during the Christian era. I'll not dispute with them, I'm not all that knowledgeable.  This book  was somehow deemed not worthy of inclusion in the 66 books of the Bible at the council of  Nicea. This is the beginning of the Roman Catholic Church and the book was voted out by popes and Rabbis alike.
The Church is a starting place for anyone who wants to know more about the Messiah and in thus doing change their lives for the better. For those who really delve into the scriptures the time will come when  the search for real understanding will commence. This new search won't negate what you already believe about God the father and His Son Jesus, the Messiah. Do I understand? No, not a chance. I'm still a novice in this area and do not expect that to change any time soon, I'm still searching but all my searching has thus far only confirmed what I already know and believe.
My recommendation? Google "The Book of Enoch." A scary but very enlightening book to say the least. Jesus refers to it, as do the apostles, many times. So if it was good enough for Jesus then it is certainly good enough for me and should be read by me too.
I'm sure there are many other scriptures that were not included in the Bible, the Book of Jasher was also excluded as was the Gospel of Mary and The Book of Jubilees, non of which I have read yet.
Right now I want to go off-line and continue reading, something I really do enjoy doing. So from me to all of you, whether Christian or not, Blessings from a Christian in Johannesburg South Africa. May God the creator of all that is enlighten you as I'm praying He will enlighten me, Geoff.

Friday, October 19, 2018

No T.V. What on Earth do you do with yourself.

On Sunday I got rid of my television and It's now Friday. This is what my evenings have been like Sans television; I've been reading a tremendous amount, watched a movie or two on my computer and done a bit of Photoshop work. It's been a good week. During the day I've been fighting with my car trying to get it to run properly but this has been going on for about two years now so nothing interesting there.
The books I've been reading include the writings of Immanuel Velikovski, things like Worlds in collision, Ages in chaos and Earth in upheaval. This man was an extremely competent researcher and his writings make so much sense, no wonder Carl Sagan had a hissy fit over him and did everything in his power to discredit him. Oh well that is what people who are big shots on T.V. tend to do. Strangely enough a huge amount of evidence written about by Mr Velikovski has since been proven valid, I love it when that happens. Other authors like Andrew Collins' "From the ashes of Angels" the forbidden legacy of a fallen race. This book is about the influence on western society left by the angels kicked out of heaven, very interesting. Another book I've been reading is the Book Of Enoch. Now this is a scary book to read. Enoch went to Heaven and spent time in the presence of God the Father and the Watchers that were still in Heaven and he gives such a good description of things that are there as well as things that are about to happen here on Earth. Please keep in mind that Enoch's time spent on Earth was before the flood and he writes about what will happen and why. 
If you want to know more about these authors all you have to do is Google their names and all sorts of things relating to them will come up for your perusal.
So if you do finally get rid of that infernal goggle box you will more than likely become a lot better read and knowledgeable but only if you are interested in non-fiction, if not well I recommend you keep your TV.
Blessings to you all, Geoff.