Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Apology to Kaley Cuoco.

Hi. This post is an apology to one of my favorite actresses, Kaley Cuoco. Another who I really admire would be Sandra Bullock but up until now I have no reason to apologize to her.
In January this year I was with my son James in Cape Town at a supermarket and when we got to the till there was a woman in front of us at the cashier who looked just like Penny from the Big Bang Theory series. Me and my big mouth turned to her and said, "Wow! did you know you look just like Penny." She looked at me and asked, "Who's Penny?" Dumbfounded my reply was, of course, "Penny from the Big Bang Theory." "Yeah, I get that a lot." Was her reply.
Well that really threw me and for the rest of the time we were there I just stood there with a mouth full of teeth not saying anything, which for me is very unusual. When I got back home I looked up Penny on Google and found out the actresses name is Kaley Cuoco,
So to Kaley cuoco, otherwise known to me as Penny from the Big Bang Theory, I would like to apologize for not knowing your name but only the character name you play in my favorite series.

I'm Sorry.

If that was you in Cape Town in January I would like to say that although you took me by complete surprise with your rather unexpected reply it was still a pleasure to meet you. And if it wasn't you, then you have a doppelganger who was there in the beginning of this year who looks just like you.
I've worked in the film industry in Cape Town for many years and met some very well known actors and actresses but when I watch a movie I don't normally take note of the names of the artists in the movie but let myself enjoy the movie instead. That might not make sense to most but since I have such a terrible memory what is the point of trying to remember everyone's name?
Anyway, The Big Bang Theory is by far my favorite t.v. series and my go to chill viewing program even though there are certain things that get up my nose, like their attitude towards Christianity and belief in God, but I can forgive them for that.

Oh, just to let you know, as a fan of the series the character you portray is by far the most sensible and beautiful. You also don't seem to have a surname in the whole series?
Anyway, I'm sorry I didn't know your real name. I do now, Geoff.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018


Have you ever noticed that when you pray for something there is a good possibility you won't hear anything from the Lord while you are waiting for whatever it is you prayed for? Well I was watching a movie the other day, "God isn't dead 2," and there was something that was said that really impacted me. "As a teacher you should know that while the test is in progress the teacher doesn't say anything."
There is a scripture where Jesus says to his disciples "Don't call any man teacher, you have one teacher, the Messiah." Man  alive, that explains such a lot especially for me who seems to get tested so very often. There are times when I've prayed for something and then become rather despondent waiting and waiting for the Lord to answer me. Now I know why, I'm undergoing testing of my faith.
There is another verse where the Lord tells us to walk with minds awake ready to respond as soon as the Son of man comes and to not be caught sleeping. So now when I pray for something I've learned to wait expectantly and not to become despondent, how cool is that.
Blessings to everyone, be patient and know that the teacher is watching while you are tested, Geoff.

Monday, June 04, 2018

Choice, gentleness or harshness? Choose wisely.

Tell the daughter of  Zion, "Here is your king, who comes to you in gentleness, riding on an ass, riding on the foal of a beast of burden." Mathew 21 verse 5

"You know that in the world, rulers lord it over their subjects, and their great men make them feel the weight of authority." Mathew 20 verse 25

I have absolutely no doubt as to which leader I choose but what I see in the world today isn't gentle in any way whatsoever.
Gentleness is portrayed as weakness and love from those who are trying to uplift and assist the downtrodden and poor is repaid by the wealthy with harsh and hatred.
Martin Luther King, Princess Diana, Gandhi and Jesus all died young they were also all people who were trying to uplift the oppressed and downtrodden. Makes you think doesn't it? I'm no expert in politics but that just speaks volumes to me about the world we live in. Jesus tells us he has overcome the world and based on my own experience its true. Not only leaders react to kindness and love in this bizarre way but ordinary people too. Me, I choose the way of the gentle and of God. How do you react to the outcast in your midst, the one your friends and associates are slagging and ridiculing?
Oh by the way, Prince Harry has just gotten married and, from what I've noticed, is following in the footsteps of his mother, princess Dianna. Walk wisely prince Harry, your life and the gentleness of your mother is in the balance.

Friday, June 01, 2018

God loves me, even though I don't deserve it.

It's been some time since I last wrote a blog post, mainly because I've not known what to write about but hopefully that's about to change. I've wanted to start writing again for quite a while now and so in order to get it going I'm going to start right now and try to keep it going as long as I can. This blog is pretty much about my life and my walk with God so, if you can stand it, here goes.
Quite a lot has happened since I last wrote a blog post, my daughter got married, I'm unemployed again, I spent a few weeks in Cape Town and so on and so on but I won't bore you with all the details right now but leave that for future posts. In the mean time let me tell you what I've been thinking about for a while now and what sort of impact that had on me spiritually.
I've been living on my own for more than a decade now, which has both it's advantages and disadvantages. In the book of Genesis when the Lord looks at Adam's life and his state of mind he comes to the conclusion that it isn't a good idea for Adam to live alone so he makes a woman for him to be his companion. If God doesn't think it's a good idea then what on earth makes me think I can do it and cruise through life on my own? But here I am, alone anyway.
Here's one of the things I've noticed about my life that the Lord was probably noticing about Adam's life. Before I do though let me first say that I'm not unhappy being along, I'm very used to it by now so no complaints.
I read both the old testament and the new testament and try to understand what is written there in relation to my life. This has quite an impact on the way I see myself and, with no partner to put things in perspective, it sometimes makes me really hate myself. I'll give you an example of what I mean, although this particular example relates to the new testament where Jesus is talking to the pharisees and lawyers about the cup.
The scripture I'm referring to is where he says to them "You clean the outside of the cup but the inside is filled with filth and all kinds of horrors. Well I read that while struggling with the things I was doing and thinking and, of course, all the horrible thoughts I was having jumped out at me and the self loathing started in earnest. I began a process of trying to clean up the inside of my cup but was completely unaware of just how difficult that was going to be. As the weeks progressed and the cleaning wasn't I became more and more despondent eventually even thinking of ending it all, which isn't really something I would do nor would it solve the problem even if I had. I read the scriptures, tried to think positive clean thoughts, stopped having a problem with other drivers on the road and so on and so on but it was proving impossible to consider myself anything other than filth. In a discussion with one of my sisters I told her how even though others saw me as an upright and righteous person I know what I truly am.
Anyway, the other day I was talking to my daughter about it and she turned to me and said, "That's why we need Jesus. He loves us and forgives us even though we aren't perfect. If we were we wouldn't need him. I'm not perfect and do and think things that are wrong, you wouldn't stop loving me just because I'm not perfect would you?" Wow!
That's what I mean about having a partner to put things back in perspective. No I wouldn't stop loving her so what makes me think God would stop loving me just because I'm struggling with my own failings. Jesus says, "I will neither leave you nor forsake you." He also says when I ask for something I must ask in faith and anything I ask for will be granted to me even to the point of saying to this mountain "be cast into the sea and it will obey."
Thank you Lord for your word. Thank you lord for the encouragement given to me by my daughter but mostly "Thank you for your love and your grace."
Love and blessings to all who read this blog, Geoff.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Operation Zuma and Elon Musk.

Secrecy please

It is so good to see what is going on in South Africa at this time. There is a concerted effort to get our president Jacob Zuma to stand down and allow someone else to take control of the country. This is probably the most corrupt and deceitful president South Africa has ever had. A great friend and confidant of Robert Mugabe who brought his country to it's knees while in power and now it may turn out exactly the same for South Africa. But there is one fundamental difference, Mugabe was forced out of power and South Africans know it. Pasopa wena Zuma, Which means "Be careful you Zuma" in the local language, you will not succeed in the same way.
Operation Zuma Musk style

Okay onto other more amusing observation. Elon Musk named his early January launch of his Falcon 9 rocket "Operation Zuma." How revealing. The payload was a military payload but everything about it was kept secret. What has surprised me the most about all this is that no one has picked up on the Jacob Zuma connection and the fact that Elon Musk was in fact raised here in South Africa. Well done Elon, from Geoff in South Africa. I really do like this man and his sense of humor has me in stitches often.

Friday, February 09, 2018

Last night, after struggling with my car all day (more of which I’ll write about a bit later) and finally having success and getting it running properly, I sat down to thank the Lord for His help and to read what He had to say to me today. I opened my Bible to 2 Kings 4 and started reading from verse 2 where one of the prophets with whom Elisha was acquainted had died and now the banks were on his widows case trying to claim her home and kick her and her sons out onto the street. (Paraphrased).So this widow came to Elisha to ask for his help and he does just that in a miraculous way. ( Read it, I'm sure you will enjoy this particular scripture.) Anyway I carried on reading to the end of the page, which is what I normally do, and came across the scripture where Elisha cures Naaman, commander of the king of Syria’s army, by telling him to dip himself in the Jordan seven times and thus be clean. He had leprosy which is a disease of the skin as far as I know.
Naaman of course was miffed because Elisha had only told him to dip himself in the Jordan 7 times instead of some complicated and difficult process, why not dip himself in one of the rivers in Syria. Would that not have worked just as well?  But his servants came to him and asked whether or not he would have done anything difficult Elisha had instructed him to do. “Of course I would have.”” Then why not do as the prophet has instructed you?”
He submits to their advice and goes ahead and does what he was told to do and emerged from the water with skin healed and as soft as a babies. He then pledges allegiance to the lord and goes his way healed.
Having recently written about the baptism of Joshua in the Jordan crossing and how Jesus had been baptized by John in the very same river this scripture jumped out at me in a big way. (2 Kings Chapter 5)
I’m not sure whether this was the first baptism, it was certainly after the Israelites had crossed the Jordan, which was in full flood at the time, but as far as I can tell it was the first dipping that was not a crossing. If you know of any earlier baptisms please leave a comment and let me know.
This subject I’m finding very interesting and enlightening indeed.
This is just Geoff putting his thoughts out there for your commentary and enlightenment, should you want it. I know that when I talk to people they do listen but I also know that God doesn’t want me leading other people astray so maybe that was why He gave me this scripture last night, very likely in my opinion.
So baptism isn’t only about courage and doing God’s bidding but also about cleaning up your life and leaving diseases that have accumulated in your past behind by washing them off with water.
Blessings and love from Geoff.