9 October 2020


 Hello everyone, I'm back.

Sorry it's been so long.

Have you noticed how lately there doesn't seem to be anything worth living for anymore, everywhere just bad news and depressing forecasts? Well that really got to me and try as I might I couldn't find any good or optimistic forecasts about anything. 


That seems to be changing and, depending on where you live, this could happen very quickly and very soon. Change does seem to be around the corner and this could be good.

Anyway again ! 

I sometimes have visions. No, not some esoteric unconnected irrelevant wish playout in my head and then interpreted as a vision. No, not that at all. 

These visions are very brief, like a blink of an eye, literally, and then it's gone. 

There is usually an event that happens which explains the vision on a completely inexplicable level, sometimes immediately and sometimes a day later or so. And sometimes much longer.

These visions are completely "In focus" and can be remembered in astounding detail years and years later.

They are fascinating.

Let me give you an example; 

One day on the farm I had a vision, once again very brief and fleeting. 

I saw standing in a doorway a woman I knew holding what I thought was a broom, you know the type that witches use to fly around on (description of broom type only.) The broom was being held in front of her with the bristles facing upward. She seemed to have what looked like an aqua marine top on with what looked like little plus signs in black printed on the fabric of the top.

Well, as usual, I sat back and tried to figure out what that was all about. 

All of a sudden, while I was sitting there pondering what I had just seen, there was the most ungodly scream from outside the house, Someone, in a woman's voice was screaming my name as if the world was falling apart. I had no idea what on Earth was going on and, as can be imagined, I went outside to investigate. There was nobody there. I walked to the end of the yard and looked down the road and there was one of the coloured ladies running down the road as if the devil himself was after her.

I was non-plussed, as can be imagined.

I carried on walking down the road and as I walked past the restaurant, which was on the farm, I saw one of the waitresses and asked her what's going on?

Oh D****'s in the back with a snake and the pig. 

I'm kind of known in the area as someone who can handle snakes and so took a walk through the restaurant to the back to investigate.

Guess what I found when I got to the back.

Yep! D**** with one of those things they shove into a pizza oven to take the pizzas out, very similar in shape to a broom, fighting the snake  and trying to prevent Pumba, this particular pig's name, from getting bitten, and guess what her top was, yep!

D**** was wearing an aqua marine top with a "PAISLEY" pattern printed on it in black.

There were obvious discrepancies such as the pizza thing not being a broom and the fact that paisley pattern aren't crosses or little plus signs but other than that there is no doubt in my mind that was a true connection, initiated by God Himself for His purposes, to alert me to the struggles of one said spirit, the spirit of D**** calling out in sincerity for my assistance.

Don't underestimate the power of God Almighty to connect us all through the spirit.

Okay, that was the example but there is more and Unfortunately I'm tired right now and am going to have to delay the follow up to this post for a while, hopefully not too long. 

I will leave you with this though, 

The consequences of connecting with God Himself in a very real way will result in your life changing in ways that you, right now, couldn't comprehend at all. 

God will give you visions, He will give you dreams and He will even speak words into your heart that cannot be denied as having come from God Himself if you ask Him. Jesus, the Son of God Himself has already told you via written word, :Seek and you will find." 

Jesus loves you way more than you understand.

OH, and by the way, the pig was fine, the snake which was a mole snake was fine and D**** was fine. Maybe the Lord was just trying to draw my attention for His own purposes. 

Don't be afraid. God really does love you and if you give Him a chance............................................

Now you know.

Blessings from Geoff.

15 September 2020

September, my favourite month of the year.


It's my birthday today. I'm very surprised to have lived so long, my dad died in his early fifties.

When my father died I was only 22 years old and for some reason got it into my head I was going to die at 49, I was under the impression he had died at 49. I lived my life flat out, I did ocean sailing, I flew airplanes and helicopters, I went to sea on ocean going ships, I raised my children to be completely self sufficient and so many other things I accomplished under the impression I was running out of time.

And then I turned fifty. Now what, I'd already done all of the things on my bucket list? 

On my fiftieth birthday my daughter took me 700 KM up the east coast to the highest bungee jump in the world and for my present she had organized a jump for me. 216 M off the Blaukranz bridge in the Eastern Cape. I was thrilled. 

The Lord had arranged for me to get over this obsession with 49 by throwing me off a bridge, He is so awesome. 

That was 15 years ago and for that birthday and today's I would like to say to the Lord God Almighty and His Son Yeshua, Thank you, You are amazing.

To everyone else; Blessings in the name of Yeshua and happy birthday whenever it may be, Geoff.

8 September 2020

Comment run awry.

I started writing a comment in reply to another reply and this is what it landed up as, enjoy.
You can manipulate the physical to influence the spiritual, that's what happens in this physical reality. But Jesus tells us otherwise, He says "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you could say to this mountain 'Be gone from here,' and it would obey you." Thus indicating that you can utilize the spirit to manipulate the physical fearlessly and with out doubt. There are those who don't want you to know this. They use the spiritual powers of darkness to manipulate the physical all the while hiding the truth of God's free gift of the Holy Spirit which enables you to accomplish anything. I can't remember anyone ever really explaining any other attribute of the Holy Spirit other than I needed to be baptized in it. Why?
You live in a reality where your abilities are hidden from you, the only abilities you are encouraged to nurture are the ones which can have a price set on them. They have nothing to do with spirit nor with the Kingdom of God, purely of this physical reality. Any ability you may have is usually vilified by your peers at a very young age and thus is just neglected and unused and eventually not even remembered.
We have many evenings in this physical reality but there is one very big evening, our final one.
We also have many mornings when the sun rises and floods the Earth with light and warmth.
Our first was probably a complete surprise for us at birth but we became accustomed to them and didn't think about it anymore. When we reach the final sleep here in the physical reality the following morning is also going to be quite a surprise for most on the planet. You will stand before the Lord God almighty and, hopefully, enter the Throne Room of Almighty God with a clean robe. If not, please accept my sincere sorrow, it could have been so much better.
So when confronted with this physical reality, an ability to call on the Holy Spirit of the Most High God, who made all of this anyway, is an incredible honor,
Some time ago I asked the Lord to please open my eyes and allow me to see things as they actually are. And He has.
Blessings from Geoff in Johannesburg South Africa.

7 September 2020

Blessed be those who die in the faith, they carry the record of their deeds with them.

Hello everyone, blessings in the name of Jesus.
Well the violence has reached us here in South Africa. Oh well.
This post is just to encourage those who believe in God, and in particular, those who believe in the Son of God, "Yeshua." You are a child of God and if the Son of God was mistreated then you probably have already been mistreated for you faith. But there is something they cannot do to you without your express permission, that is to kill your spirit. That spirit within you is from God the Father and He owns it. Remember that no matter what you are subjected to, you are only a spirit, untouchable by anyone other than the Lord, Be strong and endure this sifting in faith and knowledge.
God is in control and Satan's time is running out and he knows it.
Blessings from Geoff in Johannesburg South Africa.

19 August 2020

The real reality, it's not what you think it is.

 Hello everyone.

I've been thinking about what I said in my last post about us only being spirits trapped in material bodies. The more I thought about it and tried to live life seeing others in light of this new paradigm the more and more I started seeing this written in the scriptures, it's everywhere. Don't believe me? go look it up or better still read your Bible as a spirit born being within a physical body and see how things start to make sense in ways that you never even thought of.

To give you an example of what I mean let me tell you how I see things from the beginning to the end, Genesis to Revelation.

Long long ago God created man and woman and took care of them like His own children, all was good.

There was unfortunately an anti-god and he wanted to have his way as well. The man and woman that God created were not aware of this anti-god at all, they only knew God their creator but that was not enough for the anti-god, he wanted them to see for themselves what other options were available. 

When Eve tasted that fruit was the moment when mankind gave up his intimate connection with his real Father. That was the moment when she obeyed her material body and submitted to temptation to disobey God and in the process silenced her God given spirit.

God could not have this corrupted creature in His Kingdom with Him. Good cannot be in close proximity with evil. So what God did, as far as I can work out, was to create an alternative reality in which to place mankind. This reality you are experiencing right now is that alternative reality.

Jesus tells Peter, I think it may be in the book of John, "Simon, Simon, Satan has been given leave to sift all of you like wheat." What does that mean?

He also tells His disciples that they mustn't worry about what they are going to eat or wear and so and so on. He talks about " where the body lies the vultures will gather." In other words the body doesn't matter, the spirit within that body is what we should have made clean and shining white before coming for judgement.

This life that you are experiencing right now is that sifting. God has to allow you to experience hardship and evil to expose your true spirit, "just how did you react to that?" whatever it was. And you can be sure that satan is right there egging you on at the time in order to tempt you into giving him something to accuse you of. 

What you need to realize is that you live in an ocean of spirit, you are just one small part of the whole. One day the whole of creation will be destroyed. The only ones who will still live on are the ones God has allowed to continue. I highly recommend you give Him good reason to allow you to as well. Acknowledging Him would be a good starting place and since we seem to be in the end times I would recommend getting to know His only Son Jesus. If you have a son and someone continues to bully him or belittle him would you allow said person to enjoy the hospitality of your home? Now you know how the Father feels.

When this alternative reality finally comes to an end and God decides enough is enough, all He has to do is remove His spirit and everything else is irrelevant, it's not of God's creation and therefore doesn't have the spirit of God within. 

The life you are living right now and the way you react to it is written on your spirit, even we can recognize really evil people but we also know a few really good people. 

Bad company is the ruin of good character, choose your company wisely.

The time is coming soon when everything that now exists will be destroyed, everything. 

This reality we live in today is only a test of your spirit, it feels very real and that much I will acknowledge, but it's not the real reality. 

My prayer for everyone who reads this blog post; "Lord Jesus, Son of almighty God our father, I give You thanks for my life, I give You thanks for the teaching You have given me and I thank you for opening my eyes into the spirit world. Lord I humbly request that whoever reads this blog post may have their eyes opened to understand that is written here and to begin to see the spirit world around them. 

This I ask with a humble heart with no alternative motives in the name of Jesus.

7 August 2020

Who am I?

 In the Bible we read about this woman by the name of Eve. She was the woman who listened to satan (no capitals for this dude) and distrusted God. She then was deceived into tasting the fruit, or consequences of eating from that tree, of good and  evil. Prior to that moment she and her husband Adam didn't know anything but God's good.

The consequences of that little taste we bare today. 

So what happened?

Well the first thing that happened of course they became aware of their nakedness and separation into two separate beings, one male the other female. They were both naked and as we all know, when two naked people stand opposite each other and they are conscious of each other's nakedness, desire is right there among them. Self consciousness and shame sprang into being for the very first time. 

God reprimands them both and lays a curse on them and their offspring. Before this curse, childbirth was easy, afterwards no so much. Food was also abundant at the time, not so anymore. 

Up until their separation from the Kingdom of God in the garden of Eden they were spirit creatures, afterwards they were now physical flesh beings without a spiritual home. They must have been so confused and devastated by what had just happened. My heart goes out to them. I too know what it is to be innocent and spitefully deceived by another.

Their spirits had become trapped by satan and they now had to eat the fruit of evil and all that that entails. They asked for it, now they were going to taste of that knowledge first hand and satan was going to make sure of that. Life suddenly became overwhelmingly tough and everything worked against them. 

You see, satan knew that when Eve first tasted of that knowledge, God Himself would have to give them knowledge of all evil, He had to give them what they asked for without censorship. Had He not given them knowledge of all evil then He would not be able to give them knowledge of all Good. God cannot be biased, what is good for one is good for the other in the law.  

And man's spirit became trapped inside a body made from physical clay(matter), alone to experience pain for the first time.

Okay so that was in the beginning of all this nonsense we have to endure our whole lives long. But God took pity on mankind in his struggles because you must remember that God's people also have to go through everything in exactly the same way as people who are not God's children. God is looking for people who are looking for good and have turned away from evil but even they must experience evil in full measure in order for them to be able to stand before the judge on the day of judgement with a clean spirit. Mine of course is disgustingly filthy but Jesus did promise to forgive even the worst of sinners if they turn to him and repent. Jesus' spirit? Well there's a whole other blog post still to be written about the Son of God and the Son of Man.

He sent prophets and sages, messengers and warnings and in the end had to send His own Son to try to open the eyes of the people of God. It has worked, God's children are very aware of their spirits and their desire above all else to make God and His Son Jesus happy. What they go through doesn't really matter as much as their struggles to remain true to the Spirit of God and what that means long term. They practice patience while waiting for their prayers to be answered, while undergoing abuse in some form or other, all the while waiting to go home to the Kingdom of God. They practice compassion, tears flow easily  from people who are endowed with a gentle spirit.

Who am I really? Well I'm just a spirit trapped in a physical body that has to endure certain tests to gauge the value of my spirit. Think about all the things Jesus says about your spirit and whom you should be afraid of, about nourishment, and clothing and so on and so on. 

There is an aspect of life denied by the science industry, main stream media, politicians and so on and so on, the foundation stone alluded to by Jesus, the one that the builders rejected, the cornerstone upon which everything rests, the spiritual side of society. We really are all connected by spirit and that's very important.

You as a spirit being trapped in a physical body who now sees exactly what was hidden before can call on that spiritual connection to God almighty to take care of your body and stresses, in fact every aspect of your life, not only the physical but the spiritual as well. God really does love you as does His son Jesus and wants you to tap into the Holy spirit and connect with Him.

Imagine every person you have ever met, they all had spirits or have. We tend to see the spiritual side of others much more than we realize, we live in a whole global ocean of spirit, billions and billions and we bump up against other spirits every second of every day of our lives but we don't recognize them as spirits, instead we recognize only the physical aspects of that spirit, the person and their behavior. But God sees something completely different, He sees the spirit of that person and how that spirit conducts itself throughout the course of it's existence. He sees the consequences of coming into contact with that spirit and how it affects the WHOLE of creation.

The physical world shows up the spiritual personality of each and every human being on the planet Earth no matter what they believe, what colour their skin, no matter whether male or female, no matter what nationality, all.

We are all just spirits trapped within physical bodies and how we deal with the world and everything that happens to us will determine whether we can go to judgement with a clean heart or not. 

We already know that when you die life does not just disappear into nothing but carries on in the afterlife. We decide right now what kind of record we want to present to the judge who decides what kind of life we will have.

You are really, really just a spirit trapped within a physical human body, but only for a time. My advice? I highly recommend you ask God to open your eyes so you can finally see why you are here on Earth. For me, this has taken years and years of struggle and heartache but understanding has come as a reward. Thank you Lord.

3 August 2020

God's sense of humour and my wake up call.

Good morning my fellow citizens of planet Earth. 
I was sitting in my morning spot yesterday doing the usual complaining about what is happening in the world today, you know what I mean. Anyway, I was getting a bit down about all the nonsense we've been subjected to and asked the Lord, when about to open my Bible, to give me good news. I wondered just where He would open His word, not being able to think of anywhere off hand. This I must tell you was only the briefest of thoughts, about the time it takes to actually open a book which you have already started opening. God knew exactly what I needed. 

Yep, you guessed it, the title page of the book of Mathew, the start of the New Testament. I burst out laughing, He has such a great sense of humour.
Lately I've been reading a lot of Old Testament scriptures and they talk a lot about the evil of mankind and punishment and so on. I look at what is happening today in the world and relate it to how God dealt with the Israelites written about in the Old Testament. 
This area of reading left me feeling rather despondent about the future and I needed some good news, PLEASE.
One particular scripture, where He is teaching His disciples, Jesus starts talking about the eyes and how they are the windows to the soul. 
He goes on to say that if your eyes are bad then the only light you have will be darkness, if your eyes are good however, the light will pervade your whole life.(paraphrased.) 
I don't know whether or not you take note of the news, it's always bad. Bad news all day and all night, never anything uplifting, well almost never. There may be a brief comment or 15 second clip about something that someone did which was good. 
This is darkness, turn your eyes away, turn that all pervading television stream off. Give yourself one day off and see what happens, I did it for 30 years and then had a glitch where I was given a T.V. That lasted for a few months and then I got rid of it. It's all just nonsense. 
Anyway, from Geoff in Johannesburg may blessings flow toward you today.

26 July 2020

Reflecting on the world today and God's promise.

Geoff's early morning sun spot. 
Hello everyone.
I went out this morning to sit in the sun and have my coffee, take in the clear skies and bright morning sun and to talk to the Lord.
Well it all started more or less with me thinking about what kind of person I am and so on but eventually progressed to what kind of world we live in. I was thinking about all sorts of things in those two areas, you know how sometimes your thoughts are all over the place and trying to track back through them can be rather confusing, well that's what I'm feeling right now trying to write about it.

Anyway, when I opened my Bible it opened to the book of Zechariah chapter 7 verses 8 to the end of the chapter in verse 14.
And this is what I read.

8) The word of the Lord came to Zechariah:
9) These are the words of the Lord of Hosts:
Administer true justice, show loyalty and
10) compassion to one another, do not oppress
the orphan and the widow, the alien and the
poor, do not contrive any evil one against
(Notice here how these instructions seem to have a particularly soft and mellow tone, like something good.)
11) But they refused to listen, they 
turned their backs on me in defiance, they
12) stopped their ears and would not hear. Their
hearts were adamant; they refused to accept
instruction and all that the Lord of Hosts
had taught them by His spirit through the
prophets of old; and they suffered under the
13) anger of the Lord of Hosts. As they did not
listen when I called, so I did not listen when
14) they called, says the Lord of Hosts, and I
drove them out among all the nations to
whom they were strangers, leaving their land
a waste behind them, so that no one came
and went. thus they made their pleasant
land a waste.
(Notice here how the whole tone of the scripture becomes much more threatening and dangerous.)

The Bible I'm quoting from is the no longer printed translation, The New English Bible.

Anyway I got to thinking about how certain nations have begun to fulfill what was written by Zechariah so long ago. The first part of this scripture seems to hold promise, even if only spiritually perceived, while the second part tends to portend evil times ahead and disaster.

I'm quite an unusual fellow, I live alone and have done so for almost my whole life. I'm not married nor do I have a girlfriend. I'll explain how this affects my perception of life and God.

For most people who are involved in a relationship of some kind or other, their thoughts are pretty much occupied by the "Other." Think about it. When you have to make some decision, say you have been invited to play golf with a bunch of friends, what is the first thought you have with deciding yes or no. Most men would have to reply, "Let me talk to my wife and I'll get back to you." or something like that.
Me, I make my own decisions, I don't have anyone else to take into account. Only God.
99% of my thoughts revolve about God and what He would think of whatever it is that I'm doing or thinking. And I can access Him immediately knowing full well that whatever it is that I'm having to make a decision about will be guided by God himself for the best possible outcome.

Unfortunately not everyone has this luxury, I know I'm blessed.

My advice to you, follow the first part of this scripture with all your heart, let it become part of you, think continually on these things and live them. This is the way I live, not many friends in the world but peace that surpasses all understanding, literally.
The actions portrayed in the second part of the scripture must be avoided, don't ever turn your back on God and refuse to listen, it will kill you and land you in Hell.
Love and peace to you from Geoff in Johannesburg South Africa.

21 July 2020

A beautiful morning talk with God.

Good morning folks.
I was sitting outside earlier this morning thinking about what is going on in the world right now and talking to God and Jeshua about it.
It's a beautiful winter's day here in Johannesburg with almost no breeze and clear skies, nice to sit outside in the sun with all the animals playing around on the lawn. It's also nice to sit and contemplate the universe and all that is contained in that everything. Space and the cosmos is, to me, fascinating and scary at the same time. Anyway I digress.
Romans chapter 7.
What I did was let the Lord know that I'm grateful for a beautiful day and then opened my Bible to the book of Romans. As is my habit, the Bible opens where God wants it to, no planning on my part. Unfortunately it only reinforced my opinion of Paul's teachings as not agreeing with my personal understanding of the Holy Scriptures. He exempts himself from all responsibility for his own actions by pointing the finger at sin that resides within him as the actual culprit, this is not true.
When you come before the Lord God Almighty, your creator and from whom you sprang and then try to make excuses for your actions and instead point the finger at whom you accuse of wrongdoing, He will confront you to your face with the absolute truth, no frills, just facts and you will have to accept whatever He says. Jeshua isn't your get out of jail free card, Jeshua is the Son of God and the son of man simultaneously and not interested, as far as I can tell, in insincerity at all. Jesus isn't a scapegoat.
This scripture has been read and interpreted by so many, so called, Christians to justify their own despicable actions to themselves over the centuries that it is incredible. It is also very sad.
Anyway. Once again I digress.
Another thing I was thinking about and discussing with the Lord was the innocence of Eve before she was duped by satan. (No capitols there.)
I have been duped by unscrupulous people so many times it's just not funny, and no-one can say satan is one of scrupulous character, so being duped by the inventor of deceit isn't all that surprising considering how innocent she was at the time.
What was life like before they found out they were naked and became ashamed and self conscious? This much is for sure, they had no idea what death was nor what consequences are. Well they found out soon enough, Eve's first born son was the herald of murder and death. Before him there was no death nor was there any murder.
So if you want to know what it would be like to live in the perfect world devoid of death, murder, rape, porn, hatred, deceit............
Think on these things: When man lived with God in close proximity and was not self conscious but God conscious instead, what was life like.

24 June 2020

When Geoff found God, part 2

Just to finish off the last post. In the verse Jesus says: "When they find they will be disturbed." That to me says not that the finding will be disturbing but when you are truly disturbed by your circumstances at that very moment, that is when you will find God. Well, that's when I found the true God I had been seeking all those years and He isn't what I thought He would be, He's much much better.
That was the beginning of Geoff's teaching lessons by God Almighty with the gentle consistent assistance and reassurance of His son Jesus.
When you have been believing in someone for years and have put all our hopes in that one Someone, you cannot just give those beliefs up nor the hope you placed in that Other. I was shown just what the consequences would be if I insisted on abandoning God almighty. I believe that the palm I was lying on when in the lake, was the hand of Jesus and it was He who lifted me out.
This was the beginning of a completely different life for me. Hell is real and it's terrifying.
That is the one thing that I know above any other. I know God is King, I know Jesus is His Messiah but I know without any doubt whatsoever that Hell is very real and you don't want to go there, even if in a dream.
Jeshua has already rescued me from the gates of hell once, I'm not going to allow myself to fall into that place again. The fact that I was resued is for me, Marvelous.
God's compassion, His provision and the way He sorts things out in the most unexpected but right way, at this I Marvel.
Blessings from Geoff in a rather chilly Johannesburg.